Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magic Snack Ropossa ・ マジックのスナック「ロポッサ」

Me with something stuck to my face
Yesterday I went to the magic "snack bar" Ropossa (Sapporo read in reverse, in Japanese, sa-double consonant-po-ro --> ro-po-double consonant-sa). A snack bar is basically a bar with a high entry fee or high prices that also includes the "mama" and the other staff talking to you and entertaining you. So it could be for instance a bar with flirty waitresses. Ropossa is a bar where the mama does magic for you. She does not call herself a magician, and says that the place is not a magic bar, though.

昨日、ロポッサ(札幌の逆読み)というマジックスナックに行った。 ママがマジックをやってくれるスナックだ。マジシャンではないと言っている。マジックバーではないって、言っている。だが、結構レベル高いマジック見れる。

More food (dried fish heated in the oven)

It costs 3000 yen to visit Ropossa, and this also gets you some food, and free drinks for your whole visit. If you are a magician, mama will generally not do magic for you (she thinks she is not good enough, which is not true), but they will pepper you with strange toys, puzzle boxes that just wont open no matter what you try, intellectual puzzles, novelty items, and lots more. Very exhausting! And very entertaining. You can also watch as mama performs magic to other customers, including lots of sponge rabbits, sponge penises, balloon swallowing, and spoon bending.


They have lots of strange games and interesting novelty items to play with too. Yesterday they showed me some toys made from old used milk cartons. You fold the carton and put it on a table and after awhile it will jump into the air. They also had a box full of these toys, that when opened spewed out a fountain of milk carton pieces jumping wildly into the air.


A jumping milk carton

Lots of jumping milk cartons
Mama (and the others) are also very fun to talk to. Yesterday we had interesting conversations regarding the new Tenyo 2012 items among other things.


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