Thursday, December 18, 2014

Below the belt magic

I saw this painting on the wall in Magic Bar Stockholm. If you look close enough, it turns out this magician is using an unusual method to levitate the woman.


Magic bar Stockholm visit 4 of 4

My last visit to Magic Bar Stockholm during my vacation in Sweden was also on a day with a stage show. I got to see the very young magician Carl Stanley and the mentalist Micke Askernäs. I saw Carl Stanley walk around the tables and do some card magic. Micke Askernäs did some fork bending at some tables.


Carl Stanley

Carl Stanley was the first to go on stage. He was very funny. He kept saying things like: "Hi, I am a magician. But I would have preferred to have a girlfriend instead." He did a lot of gags. I liked it when he brought forth a wooden duck that picks one card from a deck of cards (a pretty expensive prop) and had a spectator shuffle a deck of cards. He then put the cards in the duck prop and had the duck take one card. He then asked a spectator to "name any card you want". They named the nine of clubs or something, and he looked at the card the duck had picked and said: "Amazing! This is the same card." Then he never showed that card to anyone, and put away the duck.


He had a very nice presentation for the magic trick where two spectators each hold 10 cards but then 3 cards mysteriously disappear from one spectator, who ends up with seven, and appears with the other spectator, who thus has 13. The idea was to determine who was the coolest person. Do you know how to measure how cool someone is? No? When I was in elementary school, the guy with the most Pokemon cards was the coolest. So he gave the spectators Pokemon cards to hold on to, and the one that ended up with the most Pokemon cards was obviously the coolest.


Micke Askernäs

Micke Askernäs did mostly classical mentalism things. He started with some spoon bending, and had a woman come up on stage with him since the spoon was too small for people in the back to see, so she was there to confirm that nothing suspicious was going on. He was also funny, and asked her to hit him on the forehead with the spoon to confirm that it was a hard normal spoon. He also said that since many people tell him they think he has some special chemicals on his hands to help make the spoon soft, she should lick his hands to check that there were no suspicious chemicals there.


He also did a tossed out deck routine, the John Archer version of Kolossal killer, and a lot of billet work. I liked his idea of what to do when blindfolded. He taped his face with duct tape so he could not see, and had someone grab a bunch of cards from a deck. He then proceeded to name all the cards they were holding. When thanking the spectator and helping them off the stage, he also stuck all the tape he removed from his face on their back, which was pretty funny. He ended with a Russian Roulette routine with huge staplers.

他にTossed out deckやKolossal Killerもやっていた。小さな紙に地名や人の名前を書いて貰って、当てるマジックも沢山やっていた。目隠しの使い方が面白かった。顔にテープを沢山はって、見えない様にしてからカードを何枚か取って貰った。観客が持っているカードを全部言い当てた。一緒にやっていた観客がステージから降りた時に「ありがとーね」と言って、観客の背中に使っていたテープを全部つけちゃったし、笑。最後にでかいホチキスみたいなものでロシアン・ルーレットをやった。

After the show, I bought a bunch of bookmarks to use as gifts. They look either like normal old photos or like monsters, depending on the angle. I also talked a bit to the owner of Magic Bar Stockholm, who thought it was funny that I was there 4 days in one week. He asked me if I wanted to do magic there the next time I am in Sweden, and suggested perhaps doing table hopping on a Tuesday or something. That would be great fun, I think, since I have done almost no magic in front of Swedish people.


Magic bar Stockholm visit 3 of 4

My third visit to Magic Bar Stockholm during my brief vacation in Sweden was on a Wednesday. There was no stage show, but there was a special close up show in one of the smaller rooms (and of course there was magic at the tables too, as always).


Fredrik Ahlbertz was the magician of the night. He showed me some very nice versions of "matrix" (4 coins under 4 cards magically move to different places). He did some card magic too. I especially liked when he dealt 4 cards and then suddenly there turned out to be a big coin under each card.

Fredrik Ahlbertzというマジシャンがクローズアップマジックを色々見せてくれた。テーブルでコインマジックのマトリックスの色々なバージョンを披露した。カードマジックも見せてくれた。例えば、4枚配って、配ったカードの下にでかいコイン4つ現れた。

At the close up show, I got a seat towards the back, but since the chairs had different heights that was not a problem. Again, there was quite a lot of very nice coin magic. There was also card magic, including a color changing deck and an invisible palm routine.


I noticed a straitjacket on the wall together with a flyer for a guy I know as Magic Brian. I once saw him do a straitjacket escape in Stockholm, and he was hysterically funny in general.

I also saw Anders Moden, a Swedish magician who is most well known in Japan for inventing a was to make an empty and crushed can of CocaCola come back to normal shape and be full of soda again. He recognized me since we met twice in Magic Bar Stockholm in 2011. He invited me to sit with him and another magician and eat my food at their table. Later, even more magicians showed up and I got to hear a lot of stories from the magic community in Sweden, which was interesting (since I learned magic after moving to Japan, I know almost nothing about magic from a Swedish perspective).

他に、コーラの復活のマジックを考えたクリエーターのマジシャンのAnders Modenさんにも会えた。2011年にもマジックバーストックホルムで会った。覚えてくれた。Modenさんのテーブルに誘われて、そこにいたマジシャンたちと一緒に食べることになった。遅い時間にマジシャンがさらに増えてきた。スウェーデンのマジシャンの話を色々聞いて、楽しかった。日本に来てからマジックを覚えたから、スウェーデンのマジックに関して、何も知らない。