Monday, August 5, 2013

Making the groom disappear at a wedding

I walked around downtown with a huge carpet and a strange looking book while waiting for the wedding guests to clear the lobby, and I got some pretty weird looks.

On Saturday I did some magic at a wedding. The bride and groom wanted to surprise all the guests with a magician, and they also wanted to participate in some illusion magic themselves. We met and practiced in secret twice before the wedding, and on Saturday the groom disappeared. First the couple took the stage and showed a big piece of cloth, which was then wrapped around the groom. When the bride unwrapped this, the groom was gone and instead, I was there. From my place, I could not see anything until I appeared out of the cloth, so I could not really tell if things went well, but I was told later that the illusion went great.


After that I ran around between the different tables and did table magic while the bride and groom where away changing clothes. I covered 11 tables in 30 minutes, and everyone was very happy. Weddings are nice in this way, everyone is happy to start with so you get great reactions.


After the bride and groom came back, they had me produce a present for one of the guests who had his birthday very close to this day (if not exactly on Saturday). I produced a bottle of wine from a balloon, which is probably the most common magic trick when it comes to this type of  "produce a present in front of lots of people".


My training bottle, and the remains of the surprisingly sturdy balloon.

A few months back, one of my magician colleagues did exactly this trick in our magic bar, and managed to hurt himself very badly. The floor was covered in blood, the bottle was covered in blood, and he had to be rushed to a hospital in the middle of night to be stitched up. He could not do magic (or wash the dishes in the bar etc.) for several weeks, and he spent his vacation in Korea with a huge bandage around his finger and lots of stitches. He recovered just fine in the end though.


Ever since that incident, people in our magic bar have been reticent about using that method for producing bottles or presents, haha. I have done that trick many times before, but this time was the first time after the blood bath incident. I think I was a bit nervous, and for the first time I had the dreaded "boooiiing" [sound of balloon not exploding] happen to me (the balloon not breaking when you want it to)... It broke very soon afterwards, and I was told later that there were at least some people who were still very much fooled, haha. While the execution was not perfect, at least I finished with a bottle that had not even one drop of blood on it, which is good.