Friday, January 18, 2013

Two man magic show at Art Hotel start of the new year party

Last year me and my boss went to a shinnenkai ("start of the new year"-party) for a company where one of our regular customers in the magic bar works. We did table hopping, walking around each table doing magic, during their dinner party. They seemed to like it, and they invited us again this year.


This time, we did some salon magic too, and table hopping. They had requested that we "not do the same tricks as last year", which made it more difficult to do really entertaining things. There was no place to reset any trick that might require any kind of set-up, and my most powerful effects I had already used up last year of course. I did some mental effects and a trick where a walnut pops out of a picture of a walnut.


First I did a trick for everyone at once, where I had a card selected from a jumbo deck of cards and then tried to mind read what card that might have been. The mind reading signal was a bit weak, so in the end I had to hammer a nail (working as a mind reading antenna) into my nose to get a better signal and then I could correctly determine the selected card. Then we did some table hopping and finally my boss did some salon magic.


My boss had a card signed and shuffled into a deck of cards and then tried to catch the signed card from the swarm of cards flying towards him when the spectator threw the deck at him, by hitting the cards with a PET-bottle wrapped in tape (sticky side out). That failed a bit but in the end the signed card was found inside the unopened (still sealed) PET-bottle. His t-shirt also changed from a black t-shirt to a t-shirt with the company name of the company we did magic for in an instant. For his table hopping, he started out by running to our changing room to fetch his deck of cards, which he in typical fashion had forgotten there...


Magic duel at the university staff start of the new year party

Last week we had the staff "shinnenkai" (start of the new year-party) at the university. One year ago, I met another guy also working at the computer science department who was very excited when he hear I was a magician. He had just started practicing magic.


This year, he found me again and he showed me three tricks that I had showed him last year that he had practiced since then. Two of them went fine, one not so fine. He also showed some other magic tricks, and asked me to show him some magic too. So we ended up having a magic duel during the party. It was a lot of fun, and the food was good too.