Friday, July 6, 2012

7 days in a row

The customer who called and asked for me in particular had a playing card stuffed  toy strapped to her  phone
Last week I was of course in the magic bar on Friday and Saturday as usual. Then, there was a wedding celebration party that made our magic bar open on Sunday (normally, it is closed on Sundays) too, and since I had nothing planned I also went there and performed for them.


On Monday, I was out eating with a magician friend, and our last stop was our magic bar, so I was there on Monday too. On Tuesday, one of my colleagues in the magic bar was home with a fever, and when suddenly lots of customers appeared, the remaining magician called me and asked if I could come and help out. Which I could and did.


On Wednesday, some girl called the magic bar and asked if I was there, which since it was Wednesday I was not. But they said that if called, I would probably come. So she said she would go to the magic bar, and one of my colleagues told me to go too. I had no idea what girl this could be, but when she showed up I recognized her (I hand out business cards to lots of people and tell them to come to our magic bar if they want to see more magic, and like this girl some of them do come).


My boss told me that I should come to the magic bar on Thursday too, since then I would have been there every day for 7 consecutive days. So I did go yesterday too, and had a lot of fun with some very nice customers.


Since I am going to be in the magic bar this weekend too, I guess I will have 9 consecutive days in the end, but one week is the big milestone I guess.