Saturday, September 7, 2013

Magic Bar Twister in Sapporo renewal open ・ 札幌のマジックバーツイスターのリニューアルオープン

The magic bar here in Sapporo where I usually perform magic has moved one block closer to the subway station, and it has been a few fairly busy weeks since the renewal open. The new place is smaller than the old one, but the location is better. There is now also a guy making spicy food, if you want something to eat.


If you come from the south elevator, you pass corridors with rusty metal and a dark inner yard with a small suspicious looking house

If you come from the north elevator, you are greeted by a door with a sledgehammer instead of handle, and lots of cluttered writings on the wall.
The surroundings are a bit weird. The first time I went there to take a look, it felt like entering "Resident Evil". The ground floor looks fine, but the fifth floor is not that well kept... The interior of the magic bar is nice, but the outside is ... strange.


Balloons, and some bicycle cards if you look closely
Lots of our regular customers have showed up with flowers and balloons. The spicy food is pretty good, and the people working in the magic bar are very nice. The magic is very good, and very funny. I am there most Fridays and Saturdays. The bar is open from 20:00 to 05:00, Monday to Saturday. Sapporo South 5 West 3, N-Grande Biru, 5F. 1 minute of walking from the Susukino subway station.



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