Monday, February 3, 2014

Magic show for a yosakoi team

The stage was pretty far away from the audience

I spent Sunday afternoon with the owner of our magic bar at a fancy hotel in the northern part of Sapporo. We did a magic show for a yosakoi team. There were 10 tables with about 10 persons per table. We did a stage show first, with my boss producing a bowling ball from a sketchbook and me hammering a nail into my nose and then doing my "perfect match" magic trick. Finally we did a funny two man ESP card routine.


A bunch of props to use on stage

After the stage show, we walked around doing table magic too. I covered three tables, though a lot of people kept following me from table to table. My boss said he only did one table because more and more people kept congregating on that one table so he just stayed there.


Two magicians concentrating hard before going on stage

Everyone seemed to have a good time, and people were screaming a lot, in a good way. We had lots of fun ourselves too. The team, 新琴似天舞龍神 (Shin-Kotoni Tenbu Ryuujin) is one of my favorite teams to watch during the Sapporo Yosakoi festival too, so I hope they do well this year too (they usually do very well).