Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tenyo 2014 clips ・ テンヨー2014年の動画

Tenyo has put up promotional clips of the new props for 2014.

The "MRI" (metal board that you can "see through") seems like it could be fun to use.

The cards you push into your face looks fun too, though I am guessing it is rather angle sensitive.

The money trick does not seem to be better than what you could easily make yourself (like I did).

The big suspicious looking envelope thing that turns blank cards into happy birthday cards is said to be good, though the clip does not look that impressive.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recording a few new magic tricks ・ 新ネタの動画

Recently we have not had any "magic mania" meetings. I have been busy at work (and sick) so I have not practiced much new stuff. The most "mania" of the staff in our magic bar quit a few months ago and now works in a "normal" bar, so we do not meet as much anymore. My most "mania" friend found himself a girlfriend, so now we see each other only once every two months or so. So everyone coming together at the same time for magic mania meetings do not happen very much anymore.


People sometimes tell me they liked our magic clips on YouTube and want me to upload new stuff. These complaints have increased lately, so I went over to one of our magic bars at a time when they did not have anything to do, and asked a friend to record me doing some new silly tricks that I recently have become fond of. These are not of the "mania" type, but more of a "joke" type. Still, I felt I should upload something, so here they are.


The first clip here is a trick I practiced quite a long time ago and like very much. I have not been performing it very much (not at all, more or less), though. Recently I have started performing it in our magic bar. After we relocated, we now have a very low counter, so people can actually see my legs. I like the trick, but it is very short, so I usually play it off as a joke about optical illusions, and how a trick of your eyes makes the pen look rubbery and in a less known trick of your eyes also makes the pen look like a coin.


The next clip is my version of spoon bending. When I showed it to the "mama" at the "magic snack bar" Ropossa, who is very very good at "normal" spoon bending (she has bent tens of thousands of spoons), she thought it was very funny. She even gave me some spoons to play with. It is a very very quick trick. I tried to go for a heart shape of the bent spoon, but that turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined, so in the end I gave up and the spoon is not really that heart shaped.


Another optical illusion type of magic trick is showing a pen (or cigarette, or anything, really, but pens and cigarettes are the most common) and covering it with your hand so it looks shorter. Using this as a setup, I made a joke trick where a pen (and a spoon) "looks smaller". I think it is pretty funny, but I have not really used it other than as a joke for other magicians.


Finally, the "mama" of Ropossa also gave me a magic prop that makes a pen shrink. The normal (intended) way of using it is completely different. If I understand correctly you use a handkerchief and make a pen small. I use the prop to illustrate the same optical illusion as above, where a pen looks shorter. Then I explain that I actually used a trick pen, and how you can make it long again. I only got the pen, no instructions and no handkerchief (and possibly there was one more tool included that I also did not get).


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interesting toys at Ropossa

I went to the the "snack bar" Ropossa, where the mama does magic. They also have endless amounts of interesting toys. Both things they have bought and things that some of their regulars have made themselves.


This time I was shown a very interesting handkerchief. You can crumble it up and the just shake it in your hand or throw it in the air, and it returns to its origami crane shape. Apparently only made using two layers of stretchable cloth stuck together in a certain way.


Magic Bar Twister in Sapporo renewal open ・ 札幌のマジックバーツイスターのリニューアルオープン

The magic bar here in Sapporo where I usually perform magic has moved one block closer to the subway station, and it has been a few fairly busy weeks since the renewal open. The new place is smaller than the old one, but the location is better. There is now also a guy making spicy food, if you want something to eat.


If you come from the south elevator, you pass corridors with rusty metal and a dark inner yard with a small suspicious looking house

If you come from the north elevator, you are greeted by a door with a sledgehammer instead of handle, and lots of cluttered writings on the wall.
The surroundings are a bit weird. The first time I went there to take a look, it felt like entering "Resident Evil". The ground floor looks fine, but the fifth floor is not that well kept... The interior of the magic bar is nice, but the outside is ... strange.


Balloons, and some bicycle cards if you look closely
Lots of our regular customers have showed up with flowers and balloons. The spicy food is pretty good, and the people working in the magic bar are very nice. The magic is very good, and very funny. I am there most Fridays and Saturdays. The bar is open from 20:00 to 05:00, Monday to Saturday. Sapporo South 5 West 3, N-Grande Biru, 5F. 1 minute of walking from the Susukino subway station.