Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Osaka trip: Magic Shop French Drop ・ 大阪旅行、マジックショップフレンチドロップ

Magic Shop French Drop, in daylight
On Sunday I left for Osaka early in the morning (having left our magic bar earlier than normal since my train for the airport left at 6 A.M.). The first day I spent with a friend I first met in Sweden, doing things unrelated to magic. On Monday I met up with another magic maniac from Sapporo and we had a magic tour of Osaka.

French Drop at night


Charicatures of famous magician, from a poster on the wall
The first stop was the magic shop French Drop. French Drop is not only a magic shop but also a magic bar. The bar is on the first floor and the shop is on the second. The place was easy to find, but when we entered no one seemed to be there. We shouted "hello" a few times, and the door had bells on it that were noisy etc. but no one showed up. We looked around at the stuff in the shop and later rang a bell again and then had some response. A young and very nice guy showed up and talked to us for awhile.


Me and the famous magician Ponta the Smith
My friend is very fond of the magic of Japanese magician Ponta the Smith, who works at French Drop. Ponta is fairly well known not only in Japan, after his DVD with coin magic ("Sick") became a best seller all over the world. So my friend asked if Ponta was there today, and we were told that he was downstairs in the bar recording things (presentation of new items for the web shop).


After he was done downstairs, Ponta came up and spent a long time talking to us. My friend had lots of questions for him. He was very nice and talked about all kinds of things with us. I enjoyed the stories of problems with English when being invited to strange countries all over the world (in the end, London turned out to be the place where it was most difficult to understand what people were saying; go figure (because the natives speak fast)).


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