Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Needle swallowing and thread from my eye

I was a bit bored tonight and ended up shooting two practice movies of me trying out some new magic tricks. I want to learn needle swallowing, because it just seems fun. I still have not figured out a good presentation idea for it, though. I also tried pulling a string out of my eye. I have several ideas for presentations for that, but it turned out to hurt quite a lot. This is a bit worrisome when it is my eye that hurts... If it was just pain on some body part I do not care so much about, I would do it anyway, haha.


Friday, November 2, 2012

Tenyo 2013 new lineup ・ テンヨー2013年の新作品

Today I stopped by our local magic shop and the owner showed me the new Tenyo items for 2013. They were all pretty cool. I bought three out of the four new items, so I will write more when I have had time to play with them a bit.


The one I was most interested in was the memo pad thing where you write an image of a cup on a paper and then make coins disappear by putting them in the cup. The gimmick was not at all what I though it would be, and it is quite clever. There are some angle problems from the sides (and back, of course), and you cannot hand out the memo pad. You can tear off the paper with the drawing and hand that out if you like, though.


The cut up card that becomes whole was impressive. The weird glass jar thing that comes with it looks very suspicious, but you can do it on a close up mat too, at least if the light is not too bright. Ends very clean (at least the card) so most of the things that people might want to check later can be checked. Again, the gimmick was not what I expected.


The coin through glass looks very nice. You can use any glass (that has an appropriate size). There are similar products that do the same thing (probably using the same principle) but this one looks very nice and you can hand the spectator everything and they might still not see the tricky parts (though they could if they hold one of the items in a specific way).


The envelope that money comes out of was also not exactly what I expected. I expected it to just be a slit, but it was a little bit more than that. The other part of the trick was quite clever actually, and not something I had ever thought of. You cannot hand out anything except the money that comes out but you can show everything very cleanly before and after. I did not buy the envelope trick since I cannot see myself performing this trick.


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zombie magic in Ropossa

Zombie Jonas starting a card trick.
Last year I dressed up as a zombie for the Sapporo Zombie Walk. I also visited our local magic shop on my way home, still dressed as a zombie. The mama of a "snack bar" who does magic was upset with me for visiting our common friend but not coming to her place looking like a zombie.


Zombie Jonas showing a nail to be used as an ESP antenna to find a chosen card.
On Tuesday I was dressed up as a zombie for a Halloween party, so I also visited her place this time. They had me pose in different situations, and also requested that I do a magic trick where I hammer a nail into my nose. Hopefully I can get my hands on a video of that magic trick, since there was quite a lot of screaming, which is always nice.


Zombie Jonas with a nail stuck in his nose.

Zombie Jonas and a nail in the nose again.
Zombie Jonas and the nail, again.
Zombie Jonas pulling the nail out of the nose again.
Zombie Jonas the zombie bartender.
Zombie Jonas entertaining customers.
Zombie Jonas eating mochi.
Zombie Jonas drinking juice.

Zombie Jonas killing innocent customers.
Zombie Jonas killing more customers.
Zombie Jonas killing the owner.