Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Akkey Theater illusion show

Today I went to see Akkey Theater. This was a 90 minute illusion and magic show. It was a lot of fun, as always when Akkey is performing. There were live doves, sponge doves, cards, shoes set on fire, illusions with scantily clad girls, and an alpaca challenge.

今日Akkey Theaterというマジックショーを見に行った。90分のイリュージョンとかの面白いマジックショーだった。本物の鳩・スポンジの鳩・トランプ・燃えている靴・イリュージョン・露出度の高い女の子・アルパカチャレンジ、色々あった。

Akkey, his assistants, and me

The challenge was a "Akkey can entertain anyone" vs. "these alpacas are not interested in anything" battle where Akkey had to do magic in front of a group of alpacas and if they remained uninterested he would lose. They first completely ignored some very nice card magic, but some production type effects caught their interest, haha.


You could buy stuffed alpacas after the show

I liked the dancing handkerchief best, but everything at the show was nice. It was also funny that when some assistant was wheeling a huge table with a girl that just appeared by magic out of the room, Akkey said: "Wait!". "Yesterday's questionnaires had lots of people saying 'we want to see more of Miyu-chan', so lets just leave her in view a little bit longer. OK, you can go. .... She is going to be angry with me later". There were lots of funny in-jokes that most people would not understand too.