Monday, March 19, 2012

Magic show

Sunday two weeks ago, I went to Futomi, a place close to Sweden Hills outside Sapporo. Some people I know were organizing an even for kids, and they wanted me to do a magic show at the event. It was around 15 kids, very young, and slightly more grown ups (parents, people organizing other things at the event).


I did around 25 minutes of magic. Producing lots of weird big boxes from and empty paper bag is always popular, as is multiplying Pikachu-sponges. I also did a bingo game magic trick on request. They were supposed to give all the kids a bag of snacks after the event, so they told me to do it in a bingo game. Everyone had a different bingo tray, and despite this all kids got bingo at the same time. Next time I will bring bingo trays for the parents too, and have only the kids get bingo.


After the magic show, I went with my friends to their house since they were scheduled to have a guest from Sweden later during that day. While waiting around, I found a deck of Tally Ho cards (popular with people doing card magic), but in mini size. Why would normal people have that lying around?

マジックショーの後、知り合いの家にも行った。その日の夕方に別のスウェーデン人も来る予定があった。待っていた時に、Tally Hoというメーカーのトランプ(マジシャンの人気ブランド)を見つけた。ミニのサイズだったけど。一般人が持っていると、何で?って思う(笑)

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