Friday, October 12, 2012

Magic Bar Review: A - omoro ・ あーおもろ

Me reflected in the mirror like wall on the way into A omoro.

Our last stop during our magic bar tour of Osaka was "A omoro". The owner is a good friend of the owner of the Twister magic bars in Sapporo where I do magic, so this was also a place where we had high expectations. After mentioning Twister, they gave us decks of cards with the A omoro design, so they were very nice to us. The first thing I noticed was that the design was very nice. The sign outside the bar, the sign right by the door, the tables, the counters, the walls, everything looked very modern, hip, cool, and beautiful.


My friend passing below the sign right before the door to A omoro.
We came to A omoro quite late, well after midnight, on a Monday, so there were not so many guests left in the bar. There was one couple seated at the counter but they left soon after we arrived. Then we got our own private magic show at the counter.


Osaka is famous in Japan for being a place of stand up comedy, and all people living in Osaka are expected to be funny. This was quite true at A omoro. Before the magic started, there was around 20 or 30 minutes of the owner and the first magician doing stand up comedy. Like introducing the magician in some weird way and the magician trying to adapt to that, giving up, exiting the room to be introduced again (in yet another bizarre way) etc. They were very funny.


My friend, me, and the two magicians that did magic for us.
When the actual magic started, the magic was good too. We got to see Daichi Kitano, who did a lot of comedy magic, and Toshiaki Kobayashi who did more "normal" magic. Both did a lot of magic that I had not seen other magicians perform.


Us again, this time with the owner (who also does magic, though not when we were there).
First we got to see Daichi Kitano. He did many funny tricks like the "Size Surprise" where some cards suddenly change size drastically, but also did a lot of "normal" magic like coin tricks and ace productions. A cell phone appeared in a mysterious way. He was very funny.


The very cool interior design.
Second, we saw Toshiaki Kobayashi. He did more traditional magic but did a lot of tricks that most other magicians do not perform. His chop cup routine was very nice. He once pulled out a box of jigsaw puzzle pieces and said "Just looking at this, it is hard to tell what the finished puzzle will look like, yes?" and we agreed. But it was actually the same Mona Lisa puzzle I had bought at the Daiso dollar store (everything costs only 105 yen) and used for the same magic trick before! Strange coincidence.


I got a deck of A omoro playing cards as a gift.

Location: In the middle of the Osaka entertainment district.
Type of magic: Close up.
Quality of magic: Good.
Cost: Very cheap for us. Less than 3000 yen per person!
Interior: Very hip design. Very nice looking.
Staff: Very nice. Funny and friendly.
Of special note: Also did a lot of stand up comedy, which was funny.
Overall impression: Very funny. Super cheap for us. Open late. Highly recommended.


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