Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Magic at a Bridal company party

After the Halloween magic show, I immediately left for Tokyo to meet people from Sweden who were visiting. After a few intensive days in Tokyo, I flew back to Sapporo, went straight to work, and left from work straight for a party with people working in the bridal business.


A woman I know works with finding entertainers for weddings. She connects people organizing their weddings with people playing the violin etc. Sometimes people ask for a magician, and then she sometimes asks me if I have time to perform at a wedding or two.


At the party, lots of people in her business were gathering, so she wanted me to come and do some magic for the rest of them, in the hope that they might ask her (or recommend people getting married to ask her) for a magician.


I walked around the tables and did the tricks that I often do at weddings, and people were very impressed. I also saw the boss of one of the biggest bridal companies there, and we had met once before. I did a magic show at a wedding were the groom was one of his relatives, so he was sitting at one of the head tables. I was asked to do something special at his table this time, so I ended up putting a card that he had signed inside an unopened (sealed) PET bottle. He seemed very impressed with that (and the sponge rabbits trick I do).


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