Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Magic bar Surprise

After doing some work in Kawasaki, I also had time to stop by the Magic Bar Surprise in Akasaka (Tokyo). There were four magicians there, three that I had seen there before, and a girl who I had never seen before. They all showed me magic.


First, the magician Izumi showed me her deck of cards that was hand drawn by kids with crayons, which then turned into a normal deck of cards. The hand drawn cards were cuter, though, haha. She did some more card magic, and then she did some magic with a ring and a rope.


Next, the magician Akimoto, who I have met several times and who is also one of the few people connected to me on Google+ that actually updates anything there (actually, he is one of the few people connected to me on Google+ period, haha), showed me more magic. He did magic with different coins, with three green balls, and with cards. He has a very good second deal.


Then the magician Suzumu came and showed me magic. He did a cup and balls routine, the traditional coins and ring trick where the coins travel, some magic with a string and the ring, and then various card tricks.


Finally, Ryusei Kamiguchi also did some magic requested by the other guests sitting next to me at the counter. He is always funny, and this time he was crazier or in a higher gear than normal, haha. He did a funny card to forehead routine, and had a "marked card" where the marking (drawn with a sharpie) moved around on the card. He did many other card tricks too.


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