Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Magic show at a Halloween Party at cafe An Be

One of my friends has a "senpai" working in a restaurant/cafe/bar called Cafe An Be. My friend has done magic shows there many times, and when asked to do a show at their Halloween party, he asked me if I could help out, since he was running out of material. I said sure, and we ended up doing a half hour show together.

マジシャン友達の先輩が「Cafe An Be」という店で働いている。友達が何回もそこでマジックショーをやってきた。ハロウィンパーティーでまたマジックやって欲しいって言われた時に、僕に「一緒にやる?」と聞いた。ネタがもうない感じだった。僕が「やりたい!」と言ったから、2人で30分くらいのショーをやった。

Before our time to go on stage, we waited around in the back for quite some time. We got some very nice food to eat, though, so that was fine. Before us, there was also a group of women performing poppy versions of anime songs and other music. They were very nice.


We did our magic show by first me doing one magic trick, then my friend doing one, then me again, and so on. This worked really well, and was a pretty good way to split up the work and to get some good variety into the show (we did not have time to rehearse any routines to do together).


I had been told that the audience would be mostly drunk grownups but it was in fact mostly families with children. I have a lot of material that works well with kids, but had not brought very much of that. I did have some things that work great with kids, though. When I ask kids to help me out on stage, usually there are lots of volunteers. This time, there were none, haha. Probably because I was dressed up as the "kuchi sake onna" (the "slit mouthed woman", a Japanese urban legend monster that kills children with her scissors).


In the subway

Our show was appreciated. People laughed a lot, and afterwards people came up and wanted to take photos with me. One woman came up to me and said that she had thought I was actually a woman up until I started speaking, haha.


On the way back to the magic bar where we then were to do more magic, we met one of my friends in the subway. She thought it was strange to ride the subway dressed the way I was.


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