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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zombie magic in Ropossa

Zombie Jonas starting a card trick.
Last year I dressed up as a zombie for the Sapporo Zombie Walk. I also visited our local magic shop on my way home, still dressed as a zombie. The mama of a "snack bar" who does magic was upset with me for visiting our common friend but not coming to her place looking like a zombie.


Zombie Jonas showing a nail to be used as an ESP antenna to find a chosen card.
On Tuesday I was dressed up as a zombie for a Halloween party, so I also visited her place this time. They had me pose in different situations, and also requested that I do a magic trick where I hammer a nail into my nose. Hopefully I can get my hands on a video of that magic trick, since there was quite a lot of screaming, which is always nice.


Zombie Jonas with a nail stuck in his nose.

Zombie Jonas and a nail in the nose again.
Zombie Jonas and the nail, again.
Zombie Jonas pulling the nail out of the nose again.
Zombie Jonas the zombie bartender.
Zombie Jonas entertaining customers.
Zombie Jonas eating mochi.
Zombie Jonas drinking juice.

Zombie Jonas killing innocent customers.
Zombie Jonas killing more customers.
Zombie Jonas killing the owner.

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