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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Slit mouthed woman doing some magic in Ropossa

On my way back after doing a magic show as the "kuchi sake onna" ("slit mouthed woman" urban legend monster), I stopped by Ropossa. The mama of Ropossa had requested that I stop by when in this costume. I ended up doing some table magic for some other guests there. It was a lot of fun.


Magic show at the El Mango Halloween Party

The first of November, there was another Halloween party and did another magic show. Again dressed as the "kuchi sake onna" ("slit mouthed woman" urban legend monster).  The party came with lots of good food, and many different performances. Apart from my magic, there was Latin dancing, Kung-Fu stunt action fighting, singing by imitating famous people, hip-hop dancing, and salsa dancing.


For a Halloween party, the number of people with funny costumes was quite low. There was a costume competition, and I voted for a Marilyn Monroe girl. In the end, I won the costume competition and got a massage cushion.


When I was preparing for my performance, one of the dancers from a previous performance came into the only back stage room. She took a look at me and asked: "You are not really a woman right?" and then asked me to leave the room. She wanted to change out of her performance costume and into her Halloween costume. I wanted to prepare for my performance, since I was the next person to go on stage, but I figured I was pretty much done and gave her the room.


She also noticed that not only am I not a woman, I am also not Japanese. She asked where I am from, and when I said that I am from Sweden she started speaking Swedish to me. When we spoke more later, she said that she went to a Swedish high school for one year. She speaks quite well, but with a very strong southern Sweden dialect. That she speaks with a much better southern Swedish accent than I could possibly manage (despite me being quite good a Swedish in general :-) is pretty funny when she looks very non-Swedish.


The always popular "signed card into unopened (sealed) PET bottle". The girl who signed the card remembered (and recognized me without being dressed as a girl!) me when I ran into her at a Christmas party two months later.

She also turned out to work at the same university that I work at. We now have lunch together once per week (except when I am travelling, which recently is like all the time).


Two people who can speak Swedish

My magic show went fine. People laughed when they were supposed to etc. I had some problems with walking in my very high heeled spike heel shoes (they are size XXL but much too small for me, since it is Japanese girl size XXL). People thought that was funny, so that was still good, I guess. It was also pretty funny when a photo of me kept appearing in one magic trick, but no one could recognize who it was since I was dressed as a woman on stage. I learned that it is annoyingly difficult to carry your magic props around with you when in women's clothing, since apparently women do not use pockets...


Kung-Fu action stunt fighting

Magic bar Surprise

After doing some work in Kawasaki, I also had time to stop by the Magic Bar Surprise in Akasaka (Tokyo). There were four magicians there, three that I had seen there before, and a girl who I had never seen before. They all showed me magic.


First, the magician Izumi showed me her deck of cards that was hand drawn by kids with crayons, which then turned into a normal deck of cards. The hand drawn cards were cuter, though, haha. She did some more card magic, and then she did some magic with a ring and a rope.


Next, the magician Akimoto, who I have met several times and who is also one of the few people connected to me on Google+ that actually updates anything there (actually, he is one of the few people connected to me on Google+ period, haha), showed me more magic. He did magic with different coins, with three green balls, and with cards. He has a very good second deal.


Then the magician Suzumu came and showed me magic. He did a cup and balls routine, the traditional coins and ring trick where the coins travel, some magic with a string and the ring, and then various card tricks.


Finally, Ryusei Kamiguchi also did some magic requested by the other guests sitting next to me at the counter. He is always funny, and this time he was crazier or in a higher gear than normal, haha. He did a funny card to forehead routine, and had a "marked card" where the marking (drawn with a sharpie) moved around on the card. He did many other card tricks too.


Toto's Bar

I had to go on a quick trip to Kawasaki, which is close to Tokyo, and I found an hour or so to stop by Toto's bar and see some magic. There are two very cute owls there now. I also noticed that they had changed the color of the Toto's bar playing cards they have in the bar. Their logo is green, so they have started printing their playing cards in green now. Toto's bar is always great, and this time was no exception.

仕事で川崎に行くことがあって、東京で1泊した。ちょっとだけ「都々's Bar」に顔を出す時間もとれた。最近、フクロウ2羽いる。可愛い。他に、都々's Barトランプが今緑色のなっている。都々's Barのロゴが緑色なので、トランプも緑色にしたそうだ。都々's Barがいつも凄く楽しい。今回もそうだった。

Magic show at a Halloween Party at cafe An Be

One of my friends has a "senpai" working in a restaurant/cafe/bar called Cafe An Be. My friend has done magic shows there many times, and when asked to do a show at their Halloween party, he asked me if I could help out, since he was running out of material. I said sure, and we ended up doing a half hour show together.

マジシャン友達の先輩が「Cafe An Be」という店で働いている。友達が何回もそこでマジックショーをやってきた。ハロウィンパーティーでまたマジックやって欲しいって言われた時に、僕に「一緒にやる?」と聞いた。ネタがもうない感じだった。僕が「やりたい!」と言ったから、2人で30分くらいのショーをやった。

Before our time to go on stage, we waited around in the back for quite some time. We got some very nice food to eat, though, so that was fine. Before us, there was also a group of women performing poppy versions of anime songs and other music. They were very nice.


We did our magic show by first me doing one magic trick, then my friend doing one, then me again, and so on. This worked really well, and was a pretty good way to split up the work and to get some good variety into the show (we did not have time to rehearse any routines to do together).


I had been told that the audience would be mostly drunk grownups but it was in fact mostly families with children. I have a lot of material that works well with kids, but had not brought very much of that. I did have some things that work great with kids, though. When I ask kids to help me out on stage, usually there are lots of volunteers. This time, there were none, haha. Probably because I was dressed up as the "kuchi sake onna" (the "slit mouthed woman", a Japanese urban legend monster that kills children with her scissors).


In the subway

Our show was appreciated. People laughed a lot, and afterwards people came up and wanted to take photos with me. One woman came up to me and said that she had thought I was actually a woman up until I started speaking, haha.


On the way back to the magic bar where we then were to do more magic, we met one of my friends in the subway. She thought it was strange to ride the subway dressed the way I was.


Magic at a Bridal company party

After the Halloween magic show, I immediately left for Tokyo to meet people from Sweden who were visiting. After a few intensive days in Tokyo, I flew back to Sapporo, went straight to work, and left from work straight for a party with people working in the bridal business.


A woman I know works with finding entertainers for weddings. She connects people organizing their weddings with people playing the violin etc. Sometimes people ask for a magician, and then she sometimes asks me if I have time to perform at a wedding or two.


At the party, lots of people in her business were gathering, so she wanted me to come and do some magic for the rest of them, in the hope that they might ask her (or recommend people getting married to ask her) for a magician.


I walked around the tables and did the tricks that I often do at weddings, and people were very impressed. I also saw the boss of one of the biggest bridal companies there, and we had met once before. I did a magic show at a wedding were the groom was one of his relatives, so he was sitting at one of the head tables. I was asked to do something special at his table this time, so I ended up putting a card that he had signed inside an unopened (sealed) PET bottle. He seemed very impressed with that (and the sponge rabbits trick I do).


Magic show at H's Cafe

In recent years, Halloween has become more and more popular in Japan. People celebrate Halloween by dressing up in mostly cute or sexy costumes and having parties. I was asked to do a magic show at a place called H's cafe, where I quite often have dinner (they have excellent hamburgers), at their Halloween party.

最近日本でもハロウィンが流行ってきた。日本では可愛いコスチュームでパーティーするだけだけどね。H's Cafeというバーのハロウィンパーティーでマジックショーをやった。ハンバーガーがうまい店で、よく行く。

I dressed up as a zombie, since that means you can still have pockets to carry your magic props around with you. I got 30 minutes or so to do a show in front of all the people at the party. People seemed to enjoy it, though it was difficult to tell the facial expressions of most people.


There was also a costume competition at the party and I got second place there.


Costume competition winners
My prize