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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Me Doing Magic at a BDSM Event

The last Friday of November, I did a magic show at the Rootstock Side Action 2013 bondage event. There were performances by bondage teams, by several bands (rock music), by a funny transvestite, and there was my magic show and a laser show. About 160 people showed up to watch, and there was a quite big stage to perform on. Apart from the performances on the stage, there were snakes and birds of prey to play with, food, drinks, strange clothes and fashion accessories on sale, and you could have tattoos and fangs fixed for you on the spot. You could also try being tied up by bondage experts.


I was asked to show up and do my show as a zombie, and if possible to do some bondage themed magic tricks. After leaving work at the university I rushed home and started painting my face. I arrived more or less in time to see the first performance on the stage. My own performance was much later, so I was a bit worried that my makeup would melt away if I started sweating, so I tried to stay away from the hotter rooms and not to exert myself too much.


Talking about mind reading
The magic show went fairly well. People seemed to enjoy my tricks. I started with a Tenyo made magic coloring book. It is a fast trick (less than a minute) that is visual, easy to see from far away, and easy to understand even for people who are not listening to what the magician is saying. I often use this as an opener to quickly introduce myself.


Explaining that the mind reading waves are too weak so the antenna (nail) I am holding in my left hand might be necessary

Next, I had a card picked from a jumbo sized deck of cards, and then tried to mind read what the selected card was using telepathy. The telepathic waves were not strong enough, so I used an antenna (a nail) that I hammered into my nose. Then I could mind read the card.


Hammering the antenna (nail) into my nose

Next I did a short rope trick, since the other performances relied heavily on ropes (tying people up and then whipping them). First I used a Tenyo rope with a Pikachu on it. The rope turns soft or hard depending on magic power. I also used a normal rope which I had a spectator cut in half, and then I made the rope whole again. I also pulled the rope through my body.


Hammering the nail in the last few centimeters too

Next, I had a card selected, stuffed the whole deck of cards into a slightly suspicious looking bag. I also put the rope from the previous trick into the bag, and stuffed a stuffed rabbit toy in there too. I then had a woman use one of the bondage teams' whip to whip the bag. She was one of the "S" people from one of the other performances, so she whipped me (my hand) hard several times, before actually doing what I asked her to do, haha. After whipping the bag, when pulling the rope out it turned out that the stuffed rabbit had been tied up with the rope into a bondage position, and it had the selected stuck in the rope creations too.


Me with a nail stuck in my nose, successfully doing mind reading

I gave away the tied up stuffed toy to someone in the audience. I threw it pretty far away to someone who shouted that they wanted it. A month later, I saw the same toy rabbit hung in a bar I visited, so I guess the person who received either visits there or works there.


The rabbit from my show, found by chance in a bar a month later

My final trick was a card trick where I signed card ended up inside an unopened (factory sealed) PET-bottle. I gave the PET-bottle with the card inside away to the girl who had signed the card.


Me and the event organizer

The other performances were very good. I liked the bondage performances very much (I had only seen one bondage performance before this, when the event organizer took me to a bondage club to see a show so I knew what goes on in such shows so I could make magic tricks with a similar theme). The transvestite was very funny, I am told, though I missed almost all of it since I was on after him and had to be backstage getting ready. The bands were also very good, and they were super nice to talk too at the after party too. The things on sale were interesting, and the food was good too. The spectators were funny too. Some people showed up in quite spectacular outfits.


I also wrote about Rootstock Side Action 2013 and uploaded photos I took myself to my non-magic blog about things that happen to me in Sapporo.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Magic Show at Bottom Cafe

A Santa DJ, me, my funny t-shirt, and some Christmas chicken.

On Christmas Eve I did a magic show at the bar "Bottom Cafe" (a strange name for a bar, by the way). They had a Christmas Eve party featuring roasted chicken (which is what Japanese people think is Western Christmas food), my magic show, and different DJs performing.


I did a 20 minutes parlor show, in front of a lot of people who seemed to enjoy the show very much. They laughed at the supposedly funny bits (and did not laugh when I was not trying to be funny). I started with a magic coloring book, which I like to open with because it is a very quick trick, very visual (people who cannot hear what you are saying still notice something strange happened), and is quite magical. I then did a card effect where I mind read the chosen card from the spectator's brain, with a little help of a nail (antenna) hammered into my nose.


Me trying to mind read what the chosen card is (if only I had checked Facebook and seen this photo showing the card!).

Hammering a nail (antenna) into my nose.

With the help of the nail (antenna), the mind reading succeeded.
I then did a trick I have that uses pictures of famous people to determine the "perfect match" for a female spectator. If Brad Pit shows up, her best match would be people similar to Brad Pit (i.e. "cool" people) and if Einstein showed up her best match would be intelligent people, etc. She was unlucky, and the picture that kept showing up over and over again was a photo of me... But when she decided to change her mind and go a bit farther down the pack, the one she changed away from turned out to be Tom Cruise, etc. A trick I have made myself, that I like quite a lot.


I did a mentalism type card effect, predicting which cards people would yell out at me from the audience, and then did a joke with a silk-to-panda toy with a Christmas theme (which I shamelessly stole/borrowed from the owner of our magic bar).


Finally, I had people shuffle a deck of Japanese alphabet cards and then we flipped over cards to reveal them spelling out a Japanese phrase recently popular on TV. After that, I had a card signed and it ended up inside an un-opened (factory sealed) PET-bottle from the convenience store below.


A signed card appeared inside this un-opened PET-bottle.
The food was great. The audience was great. The DJs were good. Many friends of mine showed up (two friends visiting from Sweden, a colleague from Hokudai, an American magician visiting Sapporo, a girl who dressed up as a zombie for Halloween with me, and more). My magic show seemed to go over well, and  I was fairly happy with the performance myself too.


One girl came up to me after my show and said that it was the first time she saw me do magic and that I looked "500 times cooler" when doing magic. I said 500 times 0 is still 0, but she said "ah, you are not a 0, you are more like 0.2"... An idea for a New Year resolution is perhaps to try to crawl my way up to a 1 on a a scale from 1 to 10...

Roasted chicken, stuffed with rice.

Fried potatoes, hashed potatoes, and chicken salad sandwiches.

DJ Santa had a present bag. When I asked what was inside, he gave me a piece of candy from the bag.

The rice inside the chicken was very good.

There was a small Christmas tree in front of the DJ booth.

The Christmas tree kind of worked as a disco light too, and would shine strongly and blink from time to time.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas, magic, miniskirts

December 23rd is a holiday in Japan (the Emperor's birthday), so recently people have Christmas parties on the 23rd (Christmas is not really celebrated here, and all the Christmas days are normal working days). One of my Japanese friends works in a bar called One Star Bar. He told me that on the evening of the 23rd they were going to have an event called "Sabisinbo Night", the night for lonely people. In Japan, Christmas is the season for going on romantic dates with your girlfriend/boyfriend, so this party was for people like him that do not have a girlfriend.

12月23日が祝日なので、友達が働いている「One Star Bar」という店でクリスマスパーティーがあった。友達は彼女がいないから、デートの時期のクリスマスに友達の為の「さびしんぼナイト」というイベントになっていた。彼女の居る人は来ちゃ駄目な感じだった。僕は残念ながら、セーフ。

He promised he would be working in a Santa costume, one made for girls. He also asked that I show up and perform some magic.


When I showed up, my friend was indeed wearing a mini-skirt Santa outfit, and a blonde wig. His boss was also wearing a sexy Santa costume, and had a rope and two bells attached to his groin. They were a smaller version of the rope you use to ring bells at Shinto shrines in Japan (to make the gods aware of your presence so they can see your donation and hear your prayer). You could pull the rope and ring the bells if you wanted, without making any monetary offerings.


When I was asked to do some magic, my friend suddenly decided (after a few tricks) that: "The rest is non-free! Who is willing to pay?" One guy offered to pay 2000 yen to see more, but my friend jumped in and started negotiating the price, so people ended up putting all their small change on the counter instead. Six or seven people pitched in, and together they got up to 767 yen... After starting at 2000 yen. My friend's negotiating skills are not great. I gave all the money to my friend (he charged me that amount for a drink he figured I had ordered for him to drink).


I did some magic at the counter and some more magic at some sofa seats in another part of the bar. I hammered a nail into my nose, and I produced a lot of sponge rabbits. My friend loves the "ambitious card", a very old card routine (a selected card is put into the deck but keeps returning to the top of the deck) so he also requested that I do that. I used to do a version of the ambitious card 5 years ago when I did table hopping in a restaurant, but nowadays my boss in the magic bar does his ambitious card routine, so I have not performed it in a long long time. It went over quite well, though.


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas magic show at Bottom Cafe ・ 24日にボトムカフェでマジックショー

In Japan, Christmas is the day for romantic dates. Other than that, Christmas is not really celebrated here (other than by eating KFC, which for some reason is believed to be what all Westerners do for Christmas, but I digress).


A few days ago, I was asked: "Are you free on the 24th?" [the "romantic date day"]. Sadly, it was a guy who asked me, and mainly because he assumed I would have nothing planned and he wanted me to do a magic show. Even sadder, he was right.


 But on the bright side, I am doing a magic show on the 24th.

December 24, at "Bottom Cafe" (Susukino, New Keiwa Biru 2F), from 22:00 (or maybe from 21:00, the time is not fixed yet). For 1000 yen you get to see the magic and you get roasted Christmas chicken. For 3000 yen you get chicken and free drinks.


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Another huge changing room

Today I did magic at a wedding at the JASMAC hotel here in Sapporo. Again, the bride and groom were very cute. I went around to all the tables, doing very short performances of magic at each of the 14 tables. Everyone seemed very happy with my magic, and some very young kids (3 years old?) sat with their mouths open in a very stereotypical look of surprise, which their parents thought was hilarious. Very cute.

I had a huge changing room all to myself, where I sat around waiting for over an hour before it was my turn to perform (they asked me to show up early but then the wedding schedule got a bit delayed). Lots of fun, and very nice people.



Monday, November 4, 2013

Movies shot with cell phones

My boss in our magic bars has recently begun putting up short clips of magic on his Facebook feed, calling them "Today's magic". This is a fun idea, and I have been asked to participate from time to time. I figure I might as well reuse the movies and put them on YouTube too. The first to clips starring me show me doing the baguette production and the Tenyo Ghost Cards. Two tricks that work extra well for the camera :-)

Since these are shot with someone's cell phone, the image quality is not that great, and it is very much not widescreen... But the magic is still pretty nice.



Friday, October 25, 2013

Tenyo 2014: Ghost cards and MRI ・ テンヨー2014年のゴーストカードとマジカルMRI

Today I noticed that one of the stores in Sapporo was selling the new Tenyo props. I was looking for Halloween stuff, but walked home with two new Tenyo tricks instead. I bought the "Magical MRI" and the "Ghost Cards". I considered buying the "4D printer" too, but I will buy that from a different store instead.


The Magical MRI has a very clever gimmick. The effect is that the spectator puts things on his side of a metal plate (so you cannot see them) and you manage to figure out what is on the other side. Two dice are included in the box, and you can have the spectator put one of them on his side, with whatever number he wants facing up, and you put the other one on your side showing the same number. The spectator can use both dice on his side, and you can write down what numbers he chose (or just tell him). Basically, you can see things on the other side, so you can have the spectator put other things there too, and an idea with a playing card is described in the instructional leaflet.


You can hand out the metal plate with no fear of anyone discovering anything incriminating. You can hand out the plastic frame too, with fairly little fear of discovery too. There is also a stand to put the frame in, which can also be handled by the spectator.

This trick is my current favorite of the Tenyo 2014 items. It seems like it could be very useful.



The Ghost Cards are a fun effect, and look great on video. You have a few playing cards in your hand and you push a large part of them into your face. You can retrieve the parts that disappeared from behind your head if you want to.


This trick looks good live too, if you use the little plastic cover thing included. You can do it without the cover too, but then you have to have a fairly large distance between you and the spectator or they will see how the trick is done. The plastic cover is ungimmicked and can be handed out. The cards cannot be handled by the spectator (at least not all of them), neither before you push them into your face nor after. You can push the cards into anything, but things that are soft look best (like meaty parts of your body). The angles are pretty good, though the side of the cards have to be covered at some times. You can have people standing behind you without them seeing how the trick is done (though they will not see the effect either), unless you want to produce the cards from behind your head (which you could still do depending on what clothes you wear).


I like this trick, it is a funny idea to push cards into your face.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bread from thin air (almost) again

Today I got bored and decided to redo my video of the "producing a baguette from a suspicious looking hand" magic trick. I like this magic trick but rarely perform it. I have done it less than 10 times I think. I have problems coming up with an interesting story for presenting this trick.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Magic Mania Meeting at Magic Bar Red King ・ マジックマニア会@マジックバーレッドキング

My magician friend Shogo has got a new job in the magic bar "Red King" in Sapporo and the thought we should start having "magic mania meetings" again. Yesterday we had the first magic mania meeting in Red King with 6 participants.

マジシャン友達の丞吾が新しい仕事出来て、今「Red King」というマジックバーで働いている。前によくマニア会をやっていたが最近やっていないから、またやろうよっていう話をしていた。昨日、レッドキングでの初めてのマニア会があった。6人もいた。

Shogo himself has mastered a very nice bottom deal, but did not want me to upload a clip of him doing his bottom deal because he thinks it still needs more work. Instead, we did some gag type of tricks, and some flourish type things.


Here is a coin magic trick which is of the slightly "mania" type (i.e. difficult).

A first time participant showed a difficult card move.

I like gag style magic, as do some of my friends. This is a friend who does some seriously difficult magic too, but this trick is just for fun.

This is me showing off a business card trick. One of our customers asked if it was possible to do a famous card trick called "Size Surprise" (I think) with business cards instead. I made up a set of business cards the next day, and the result was so-so. You can actually hand out any size of business card after you are done too (the original trick has a card of a certain size that you cannot really let people touch). It is a silly gag trick, which is just the type of magic I like most.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zombie does magic with a nail at Ropossa ・ 札幌のロポッサでゾンビが鼻に釘を刺す動画

Last year at Halloween I dressed up as a zombie and visited the magic "snack bar" Ropossa here in Sapporo. They asked me to hammer a nail into my nose (and to drink tomato juice, bite people, eat gooey stuff, etc. etc.) so I ended up doing a card trick.


I had a card selected. Then I tried to determine what card was selected through mind reading. Sadly, the reception was not that great, so an antenna was needed. I took out an antenna that looked quite a lot like a normal nail. Since mind reading is done with the brain, the antenna had to be hammered into the head to reach the brain. Once the antenna was attached, the reception became clearer and I could correctly determine the selected card.


The card parts are completely missing from the movie, however, so it just looks like a weird person hammering a nail into their nose for no reason. With blood all over them... But there was a completely logical reason for all of this!


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tenyo 2014 clips ・ テンヨー2014年の動画

Tenyo has put up promotional clips of the new props for 2014.

The "MRI" (metal board that you can "see through") seems like it could be fun to use.

The cards you push into your face looks fun too, though I am guessing it is rather angle sensitive.

The money trick does not seem to be better than what you could easily make yourself (like I did).

The big suspicious looking envelope thing that turns blank cards into happy birthday cards is said to be good, though the clip does not look that impressive.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Recording a few new magic tricks ・ 新ネタの動画

Recently we have not had any "magic mania" meetings. I have been busy at work (and sick) so I have not practiced much new stuff. The most "mania" of the staff in our magic bar quit a few months ago and now works in a "normal" bar, so we do not meet as much anymore. My most "mania" friend found himself a girlfriend, so now we see each other only once every two months or so. So everyone coming together at the same time for magic mania meetings do not happen very much anymore.


People sometimes tell me they liked our magic clips on YouTube and want me to upload new stuff. These complaints have increased lately, so I went over to one of our magic bars at a time when they did not have anything to do, and asked a friend to record me doing some new silly tricks that I recently have become fond of. These are not of the "mania" type, but more of a "joke" type. Still, I felt I should upload something, so here they are.


The first clip here is a trick I practiced quite a long time ago and like very much. I have not been performing it very much (not at all, more or less), though. Recently I have started performing it in our magic bar. After we relocated, we now have a very low counter, so people can actually see my legs. I like the trick, but it is very short, so I usually play it off as a joke about optical illusions, and how a trick of your eyes makes the pen look rubbery and in a less known trick of your eyes also makes the pen look like a coin.


The next clip is my version of spoon bending. When I showed it to the "mama" at the "magic snack bar" Ropossa, who is very very good at "normal" spoon bending (she has bent tens of thousands of spoons), she thought it was very funny. She even gave me some spoons to play with. It is a very very quick trick. I tried to go for a heart shape of the bent spoon, but that turned out to be more difficult than I had imagined, so in the end I gave up and the spoon is not really that heart shaped.


Another optical illusion type of magic trick is showing a pen (or cigarette, or anything, really, but pens and cigarettes are the most common) and covering it with your hand so it looks shorter. Using this as a setup, I made a joke trick where a pen (and a spoon) "looks smaller". I think it is pretty funny, but I have not really used it other than as a joke for other magicians.


Finally, the "mama" of Ropossa also gave me a magic prop that makes a pen shrink. The normal (intended) way of using it is completely different. If I understand correctly you use a handkerchief and make a pen small. I use the prop to illustrate the same optical illusion as above, where a pen looks shorter. Then I explain that I actually used a trick pen, and how you can make it long again. I only got the pen, no instructions and no handkerchief (and possibly there was one more tool included that I also did not get).


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Interesting toys at Ropossa

I went to the the "snack bar" Ropossa, where the mama does magic. They also have endless amounts of interesting toys. Both things they have bought and things that some of their regulars have made themselves.


This time I was shown a very interesting handkerchief. You can crumble it up and the just shake it in your hand or throw it in the air, and it returns to its origami crane shape. Apparently only made using two layers of stretchable cloth stuck together in a certain way.


Magic Bar Twister in Sapporo renewal open ・ 札幌のマジックバーツイスターのリニューアルオープン

The magic bar here in Sapporo where I usually perform magic has moved one block closer to the subway station, and it has been a few fairly busy weeks since the renewal open. The new place is smaller than the old one, but the location is better. There is now also a guy making spicy food, if you want something to eat.


If you come from the south elevator, you pass corridors with rusty metal and a dark inner yard with a small suspicious looking house

If you come from the north elevator, you are greeted by a door with a sledgehammer instead of handle, and lots of cluttered writings on the wall.
The surroundings are a bit weird. The first time I went there to take a look, it felt like entering "Resident Evil". The ground floor looks fine, but the fifth floor is not that well kept... The interior of the magic bar is nice, but the outside is ... strange.


Balloons, and some bicycle cards if you look closely
Lots of our regular customers have showed up with flowers and balloons. The spicy food is pretty good, and the people working in the magic bar are very nice. The magic is very good, and very funny. I am there most Fridays and Saturdays. The bar is open from 20:00 to 05:00, Monday to Saturday. Sapporo South 5 West 3, N-Grande Biru, 5F. 1 minute of walking from the Susukino subway station.



Monday, August 5, 2013

Making the groom disappear at a wedding

I walked around downtown with a huge carpet and a strange looking book while waiting for the wedding guests to clear the lobby, and I got some pretty weird looks.

On Saturday I did some magic at a wedding. The bride and groom wanted to surprise all the guests with a magician, and they also wanted to participate in some illusion magic themselves. We met and practiced in secret twice before the wedding, and on Saturday the groom disappeared. First the couple took the stage and showed a big piece of cloth, which was then wrapped around the groom. When the bride unwrapped this, the groom was gone and instead, I was there. From my place, I could not see anything until I appeared out of the cloth, so I could not really tell if things went well, but I was told later that the illusion went great.


After that I ran around between the different tables and did table magic while the bride and groom where away changing clothes. I covered 11 tables in 30 minutes, and everyone was very happy. Weddings are nice in this way, everyone is happy to start with so you get great reactions.


After the bride and groom came back, they had me produce a present for one of the guests who had his birthday very close to this day (if not exactly on Saturday). I produced a bottle of wine from a balloon, which is probably the most common magic trick when it comes to this type of  "produce a present in front of lots of people".


My training bottle, and the remains of the surprisingly sturdy balloon.

A few months back, one of my magician colleagues did exactly this trick in our magic bar, and managed to hurt himself very badly. The floor was covered in blood, the bottle was covered in blood, and he had to be rushed to a hospital in the middle of night to be stitched up. He could not do magic (or wash the dishes in the bar etc.) for several weeks, and he spent his vacation in Korea with a huge bandage around his finger and lots of stitches. He recovered just fine in the end though.


Ever since that incident, people in our magic bar have been reticent about using that method for producing bottles or presents, haha. I have done that trick many times before, but this time was the first time after the blood bath incident. I think I was a bit nervous, and for the first time I had the dreaded "boooiiing" [sound of balloon not exploding] happen to me (the balloon not breaking when you want it to)... It broke very soon afterwards, and I was told later that there were at least some people who were still very much fooled, haha. While the execution was not perfect, at least I finished with a bottle that had not even one drop of blood on it, which is good.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Who walks around with a lemon?

The magic bar I work in is relocating, so only one of our two magic bars is open. The staff of two magic bars are all in that magic bar, so there is little need for me to help out there (though since also the customers of both magic bars end up in only one place, it is more busy than normal) and also almost no space for me to stand, haha. I take this opportunity to take some time off and do other things. Yesterday I went to our big fireworks festival.


On my way home, I stopped by our open magic bar to see what is happening. They turned out to be quite busy, and there was no free seat for me, so my boss asked me to come stand inside the bar counter (and work) instead.


While I was away watching fireworks, a pair of customers I have performed for in our other magic bar showed up, and one of them had found my explanation of my name very funny. "Jonas" is not a name that Japanese people can relate to as a name. Japanese names are completely different, and the Western names they are familiar with here ("John", "Mike", etc.) do not include Jonas. So I usually explain it like "Younasu [what my name sounds like in Japanese], with the 'you' from Hokuyou Ginko [North Pacific Bank, a bank here in Japan] and the 'nasu' from the vegetable 'nasu' [eggplant]". Japanese people often explain what kanji they write their names with in this way, since there are several ways to "spell" the same name in Japanese.


It is of course strange to spell out a Western name with kanji, and my choice of examples is also strange; you would not normally exemplify with the name of bank but with some mundane word. The customer that came yesterday, after hearing my explanation, now says "Ah, this reminds me of that weird magician" every time she walks past a North Pacific Bank office. They had been talking about this quite a lot with the other magicians before I showed up, and they went nuts when I entered the bar. It turned out that she even had a present for me!


I very very rarely get presents from our customers (or anyone else, for that matter), so I was quite happy. I received a lemon. Why would someone walk around with a lemon in their purse? I do not know. But I ended up walking home with a lemon in my yukata sleeve on my way home.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Ridiculously big changing room

Last Friday I did a magic show in a hotel. There was a party for some top people of a big company, they were changing the local boss or something, and I was asked to do magic for them during their dinner. I was asked to show up before 19:30 for some pre-show preparations, and later it turned out that they wanted the actual magic show to start at 20:50... This was a longer wait than I had expected, but they did give me a very nice waiting room. I had a great view (the magic show was done on the first floor but for unknown reasons I got a changing room on the 12th floor!), and the room was larger than my whole apartment... by a lot. I also got a can of sweets.

Everyone seemed happy about the magic, and people laughed a lot.



Hanatare Nacs magicians gather

When I stopped by the magic prop shop here in Sapporo, I ran into several other magicians that I know. The whole day turned into a series of strange happenings.


When I entered the shop, three magicians were searching the store for "boxes". Especially the owner was running around looking everywhere for these "boxes". I sat down on a chair in the middle to wait for whatever was going to finish, but they never seemed to find whatever it was that they were looking for. The owner kept saying he was sure these "boxes" were around somewhere and one of the customers were saying that since she even called before and asked if he had boxes available, she was disappointed that there were none.


After this going on for a while, I asked: "You are not looking for these boxes, right?" and held up a small plastic box that is built so it is hard to figure out how to open it. There was a big cardboard box full of these boxes right next to the chair I was sitting on, in the middle of the shop. This was indeed, what they had been looking for for quite some time...


One of the magicians left, and another magician I know showed up. Then they asked if I wanted to tag along to a soup curry place and have dinner. Since all four of us were on the same TV show doing magic, I was more or less forced to go along, haha.


Magician looking like a tourist, and a tourist.

On the way there, we ran into a group of tourists carrying huge bags of souvenirs, so one in our groups was almost mistaken for a tourist since he was lugging around a similar bag.


At the restaurant, two more magical people joined us. The master of the place also hang out with us a lot, and kept giving us free stuff (like desserts). Many strange things happened, like some suddenly producing and enormous flag. There was also some magic being performed out on the street during smoking breaks.


The restaurant was full of old sewing machines and other antiques. The most interesting thing was a hand pumped street organ that was programmed with ten different tunes. I got to try to play it, which was fun and loud.


Free desserts!
A huge flag suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Street magic

Antique street organ!

The organ has different programmed songs that you can switch between!

A variety of very spicy sauces.