Monday, July 28, 2014

Magic shop "Magic Dream" in Paris

I went to Paris for a conference and found some time to visit the magic shop "Magic Dream". The shop was quite large, and it was full of people. People kept coming and going, but there was always quite a lot of people there.

出張でパリに行ってきた。ちょっと暇な時間も出来たから、Magic Dreamというマジックショップに行ってみた。広かった。お客さんがいっぱいいた。人が出たり入ったりしたがずっと結構な人数がいた。

I found some magic props made in Japan, with Japanese explanations. That would be fine for me, but I would guess that most people in Paris do not read Japanese. I found some funny pens that are made in Japan that I have been wanting to buy but that are generally sold out in Japan. In Paris they were on sale, 50% off, so I bought two sets.


I also bought a cute little shoe that is similar to the one David Copperfield used in this clip


Finally, I bought a set of cards that you can use to do lots of different cute tricks, like show a drawing of a sheep, pull out some cotton from the card, and show that the drawing is now of a shaved sheep, things like that. This was a product they had designed themselves, if I understood correctly.


The staff were very friendly and helpful. It was a very nice shop.


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