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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Magic bar Stockholm visit 3 of 4

My third visit to Magic Bar Stockholm during my brief vacation in Sweden was on a Wednesday. There was no stage show, but there was a special close up show in one of the smaller rooms (and of course there was magic at the tables too, as always).


Fredrik Ahlbertz was the magician of the night. He showed me some very nice versions of "matrix" (4 coins under 4 cards magically move to different places). He did some card magic too. I especially liked when he dealt 4 cards and then suddenly there turned out to be a big coin under each card.

Fredrik Ahlbertzというマジシャンがクローズアップマジックを色々見せてくれた。テーブルでコインマジックのマトリックスの色々なバージョンを披露した。カードマジックも見せてくれた。例えば、4枚配って、配ったカードの下にでかいコイン4つ現れた。

At the close up show, I got a seat towards the back, but since the chairs had different heights that was not a problem. Again, there was quite a lot of very nice coin magic. There was also card magic, including a color changing deck and an invisible palm routine.


I noticed a straitjacket on the wall together with a flyer for a guy I know as Magic Brian. I once saw him do a straitjacket escape in Stockholm, and he was hysterically funny in general.

I also saw Anders Moden, a Swedish magician who is most well known in Japan for inventing a was to make an empty and crushed can of CocaCola come back to normal shape and be full of soda again. He recognized me since we met twice in Magic Bar Stockholm in 2011. He invited me to sit with him and another magician and eat my food at their table. Later, even more magicians showed up and I got to hear a lot of stories from the magic community in Sweden, which was interesting (since I learned magic after moving to Japan, I know almost nothing about magic from a Swedish perspective).

他に、コーラの復活のマジックを考えたクリエーターのマジシャンのAnders Modenさんにも会えた。2011年にもマジックバーストックホルムで会った。覚えてくれた。Modenさんのテーブルに誘われて、そこにいたマジシャンたちと一緒に食べることになった。遅い時間にマジシャンがさらに増えてきた。スウェーデンのマジシャンの話を色々聞いて、楽しかった。日本に来てからマジックを覚えたから、スウェーデンのマジックに関して、何も知らない。

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