Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Magic show at H's Cafe

In recent years, Halloween has become more and more popular in Japan. People celebrate Halloween by dressing up in mostly cute or sexy costumes and having parties. I was asked to do a magic show at a place called H's cafe, where I quite often have dinner (they have excellent hamburgers), at their Halloween party.

最近日本でもハロウィンが流行ってきた。日本では可愛いコスチュームでパーティーするだけだけどね。H's Cafeというバーのハロウィンパーティーでマジックショーをやった。ハンバーガーがうまい店で、よく行く。

I dressed up as a zombie, since that means you can still have pockets to carry your magic props around with you. I got 30 minutes or so to do a show in front of all the people at the party. People seemed to enjoy it, though it was difficult to tell the facial expressions of most people.


There was also a costume competition at the party and I got second place there.


Costume competition winners
My prize

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