Thursday, September 29, 2011

Magic bar review: Magic Bar Issey, Tokyo, Japan

Magic Bar Issey
I went to Magic Bar Issey on 2011-02-21 with a friend who also does magic as a hobby. Magic Bar Issey is located in Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan. They have a web page: The bar is quite conveniently located, close to the subway station. The price was reasonable, 6000 yen per person for 2 hours of unlimited drinking, or a 4500 yen table charge and a requirement to order something (which ends up being more or less 6000 yen too). Compared to Sapporo where I live, 6000 yen is expensive, but in Tokyo everything is expensive (compared to here) so it was not bad. Most magic bars I have been to in Tokyo cost about 6000 yen.

2011年2月21日に六本木にある「マジックバーIssey」に趣味でマジックをやっている友達と2人で行った。店のウェブページ: 地下鉄駅のすぐ近くにあって、行きやすい。6000円で2時間飲み放題で割とリーズナブルだった。ショットで行けば、4500円チャージもあるから、大した変わらない。僕が住んでいる札幌と比べたら6000円が高いが東京の物価が基本的にが札幌より高いから東京のマジックバーはだいたいそういう感じだ。

Garlic toast
When I was there, we first got to see a stage magic show, which was very nice. Magicians Shun and Seiju did all manner of tricks. They produced doves and other, larger, birds. They stuffed huge amounts of burning cigarettes in their mouths, they did illusions, produced a bowling ball from a sketch pad, dropped the head down to chest level, etc. etc. The tempo of the stage show was high, and it was very enjoyable. We sat at the table closest to the stage, so quite a few times you could actually see things that you were not supposed to see (thin wires, things almost but not quite hidden behind hands, etc.) though.


A signed card that came out of some impossible location, and a bent fork

After the stage show, Shun came to our table and did close up magic for us too. This too was good. A signed 1000 yen bill ended up inside a kiwi, a deformed and empty can of Coca Cola returned to its original shape and filled up with coke, a fork ended up being bent, and more. Later, Seiju did close up magic for a group of 6 people sitting at the table next to us, so we watched that too. Coins disappeared from the hand of one spectator and ended up under the watch of another, cards came to the top of the deck, which turned into a hamburger bento, and the signed card ended up inside an unopened bottle of tea etc. This group was there celebrating the birthday of one of the girls, so the staff came over with an empty metal pan that they poured lighter fluid in and set on fire. When closing the pan with a lid the fire went out and a big birthday cake appeared, which was funny.


Magician Shun, and me looking right into the flash...
The bar is quite small, but the interior is very nice. The staff were very nice. Seiju later came over and talked to us and when my friend said he had bought Seiju's DVD on coin magic we also got a lot of pointers on stuff that is not on the DVD either because it was forgotten at the time or that Seiju discovered later.


Me and magician Seiju
Location: Good (Roppongi, Tokyo, Japan)
Type of magic: Stage magic (including illusions) at fixed times, close up magic at all times.
Quality of magic: High (very skilled, funny magic shown)
Cost: 6000 yen
Interior: Very nice
Staff: Very nice
Food & drinks: food available, seemed OK though nothing special. Drinks, the usual selection.
Overall impression: A very nice experience. Would definately go again.


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