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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Hokkaido Magic Convention ・ 第1回北海道マジックコンベンション

Yesterday I stole off from work a little early (and had to work late at home instead) and ran full speed to the Sapporo Kyoiku Bunka Kaikan, where the "First Hokkaido Magic Convention" took place.


There was a stage magic competition with four contestants. I know one of them, who entered the university magic club one year after me. My favorite was a 77 year old man from Sapporo, who was very funny. He came in second, and the guy I know won. The winner was quite good technically, but my favorite was funnier.


Then there was also a show by four professionals. There was a juggler, who was very funny, and there was Sapporo's most famous (probably) magician Birdie Koyama, and two guest magicians from southern Japan. All four were very entertaining. I especially liked the production of a pair of sunglasses from inside the voluminous hair of one of the magicians.


I liked the event, and am now thinking of putting together a short stage act and perhaps competing next year.


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