Friday, May 18, 2012

Magic show(s) ・ マジックショー

Yesterday I did a 30 minute magic show at "Bottom Cafe" for their 7 year anniversary. It was a lot of fun. The spectators were all very nice spectators, and the people I asked to come up and assist me did very good jobs and were funny when responding to me.


I did about 30 minutes of salon magic in front of everyone. I do mostly close up magic, so I am not as used to doing salon tricks. I tried out some new material that I personally thought would be very funny, and it went over quite well so it will stay in my repertoire.


This time (unlike the first time I did magic at Bottom Cafe, some years ago), I do not think there were any big mistakes. The only thing that springs to mind is that after I used a magic picture book I just put it on a table with my stuff, where a spectator later picked it up and started looking through it (which tells you pretty much exactly all you need to know for that trick...) when she was waiting for another spectator to look at a card. Oh well.


I did such things as a prediction with a deck of cards, a Russian roulette thing with very small staplers, a rope trick, a thing with pictures of famous people, a sponge rabbit trick, and I hammered a nail into my nose to help with mind reading. People were laughing at all the trick (in a good way), even the rope trick (which is normally not that "haha, funny", but my recent presentation of it seems to work well).


One magician friend of mine came to see the show. After the show, we went to a place where he likes to drink. He told me that a girl that works there some days also does a magic trick (apparently, she only does one trick, but still). And that she does it in a very cute way. We were in luck, and she was working yesterday. She was also free enough to have time to show us her magic trick. Which was indeed cute.


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