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Monday, September 10, 2012

Magic at DaiDonDen

Akkey, doing the "worlds coolest version of the linking rings"
In Sapporo we have a yearly street performance festival called DaiDonDen. Lots of street performers from Sapporo and some invited performers from other parts of the country do a lot of entertaining things for two days. Last year it rained and out of the normal 15 performance spots, only 3 were usable, so almost all performances were canceled. This year the weather was great, though maybe too hot for the performers.
Balance performer Lotto, making a cap enter into a PET-bottle through magic


"Sexy Davinci", doing the magic picture books with photos of himself
One guy I know was doing magic at the street performance festival, so I went to see his performance twice. I also saw a lot of other entertaining stuff. There were no other magicians at the festival, though a lot of people did do some magic during their juggling or balancing acts (or whatever their specialty might be).

Akkey making a voodoo doll rise

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