Sunday, February 17, 2013

Magic at the Fruits Cake Factory

Yesterday I did some magic at the Fruits Cake Factory near Odori in Sapporo. It was some anniversary for the shop, if I understood correctly, so they had a party for their regular customers. There were around 30 or 40 guests at 5 different tables, and me and another magician went around to each table and did magic for about 10 minutes per table (so everyone got to see 20 minutes of magic).


My coffee cup was decorated with pears, which is funny since my name is a homonym with the  word for pears in Japanese.
There were all kinds of people there, some young people (around 20 years old), families with small children, retired people, the boss of the Fruits Cake Factory, etc. Everyone seemed happy with the magic, and they had some sort of cake meal plan too.


There was also a bingo game after our magic finished.
When we were introduced, the manager of the place said: "Welcome everyone. Today we have two magicians from a magic bar in Sapporo who will perform magic for you!" and there was a polite silence (people looked happy but said nothing). Then she went on to say: "After the magic, we will also have a bingo game!", and one kid sitting right in front of her screamed "Yeay!!!" very loudly. Apparently we were much less impressive than the chance of a bingo game, haha. Everyone else thought that was funny and laughed a lot. That kid did seem to enjoy the magic later, though.


After we were finished we got some cake too, and then we even got a present bag that contained even more sweets! A very nice afternoon.


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