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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trip to Osaka

Randi Atsushi, who I have seen before, had gotten a huge name tag put inside his jacket. This was quite funny and he kept showing it at strange times during his performance.

The show table at Vernon's bar.

Daichi Kitano, who was in A - omoro when I went there last year.

Me and the very funny Daichi Kitano

Me and the staff of A - majide

Last week I went to Osaka for a meeting at Osaka university. I had the nights free, so I managed to visit two magic bars. I went to "A - majide" and "Vernon's bar". Both were very nice. I got to see two magicians at A - majide, neither of which I had seen perform before, and I saw no less than four magicians at Vernon's bar, two of which I had seen before.


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