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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Magic Mania Meeting at Magic Bar Red King ・ マジックマニア会@マジックバーレッドキング

My magician friend Shogo has got a new job in the magic bar "Red King" in Sapporo and the thought we should start having "magic mania meetings" again. Yesterday we had the first magic mania meeting in Red King with 6 participants.

マジシャン友達の丞吾が新しい仕事出来て、今「Red King」というマジックバーで働いている。前によくマニア会をやっていたが最近やっていないから、またやろうよっていう話をしていた。昨日、レッドキングでの初めてのマニア会があった。6人もいた。

Shogo himself has mastered a very nice bottom deal, but did not want me to upload a clip of him doing his bottom deal because he thinks it still needs more work. Instead, we did some gag type of tricks, and some flourish type things.


Here is a coin magic trick which is of the slightly "mania" type (i.e. difficult).

A first time participant showed a difficult card move.

I like gag style magic, as do some of my friends. This is a friend who does some seriously difficult magic too, but this trick is just for fun.

This is me showing off a business card trick. One of our customers asked if it was possible to do a famous card trick called "Size Surprise" (I think) with business cards instead. I made up a set of business cards the next day, and the result was so-so. You can actually hand out any size of business card after you are done too (the original trick has a card of a certain size that you cannot really let people touch). It is a silly gag trick, which is just the type of magic I like most.


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