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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zombie does magic with a nail at Ropossa ・ 札幌のロポッサでゾンビが鼻に釘を刺す動画

Last year at Halloween I dressed up as a zombie and visited the magic "snack bar" Ropossa here in Sapporo. They asked me to hammer a nail into my nose (and to drink tomato juice, bite people, eat gooey stuff, etc. etc.) so I ended up doing a card trick.


I had a card selected. Then I tried to determine what card was selected through mind reading. Sadly, the reception was not that great, so an antenna was needed. I took out an antenna that looked quite a lot like a normal nail. Since mind reading is done with the brain, the antenna had to be hammered into the head to reach the brain. Once the antenna was attached, the reception became clearer and I could correctly determine the selected card.


The card parts are completely missing from the movie, however, so it just looks like a weird person hammering a nail into their nose for no reason. With blood all over them... But there was a completely logical reason for all of this!


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