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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas magic show at Bottom Cafe ・ 24日にボトムカフェでマジックショー

In Japan, Christmas is the day for romantic dates. Other than that, Christmas is not really celebrated here (other than by eating KFC, which for some reason is believed to be what all Westerners do for Christmas, but I digress).


A few days ago, I was asked: "Are you free on the 24th?" [the "romantic date day"]. Sadly, it was a guy who asked me, and mainly because he assumed I would have nothing planned and he wanted me to do a magic show. Even sadder, he was right.


 But on the bright side, I am doing a magic show on the 24th.

December 24, at "Bottom Cafe" (Susukino, New Keiwa Biru 2F), from 22:00 (or maybe from 21:00, the time is not fixed yet). For 1000 yen you get to see the magic and you get roasted Christmas chicken. For 3000 yen you get chicken and free drinks.


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