Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Magic Show at Bottom Cafe

A Santa DJ, me, my funny t-shirt, and some Christmas chicken.

On Christmas Eve I did a magic show at the bar "Bottom Cafe" (a strange name for a bar, by the way). They had a Christmas Eve party featuring roasted chicken (which is what Japanese people think is Western Christmas food), my magic show, and different DJs performing.


I did a 20 minutes parlor show, in front of a lot of people who seemed to enjoy the show very much. They laughed at the supposedly funny bits (and did not laugh when I was not trying to be funny). I started with a magic coloring book, which I like to open with because it is a very quick trick, very visual (people who cannot hear what you are saying still notice something strange happened), and is quite magical. I then did a card effect where I mind read the chosen card from the spectator's brain, with a little help of a nail (antenna) hammered into my nose.


Me trying to mind read what the chosen card is (if only I had checked Facebook and seen this photo showing the card!).

Hammering a nail (antenna) into my nose.

With the help of the nail (antenna), the mind reading succeeded.
I then did a trick I have that uses pictures of famous people to determine the "perfect match" for a female spectator. If Brad Pit shows up, her best match would be people similar to Brad Pit (i.e. "cool" people) and if Einstein showed up her best match would be intelligent people, etc. She was unlucky, and the picture that kept showing up over and over again was a photo of me... But when she decided to change her mind and go a bit farther down the pack, the one she changed away from turned out to be Tom Cruise, etc. A trick I have made myself, that I like quite a lot.


I did a mentalism type card effect, predicting which cards people would yell out at me from the audience, and then did a joke with a silk-to-panda toy with a Christmas theme (which I shamelessly stole/borrowed from the owner of our magic bar).


Finally, I had people shuffle a deck of Japanese alphabet cards and then we flipped over cards to reveal them spelling out a Japanese phrase recently popular on TV. After that, I had a card signed and it ended up inside an un-opened (factory sealed) PET-bottle from the convenience store below.


A signed card appeared inside this un-opened PET-bottle.
The food was great. The audience was great. The DJs were good. Many friends of mine showed up (two friends visiting from Sweden, a colleague from Hokudai, an American magician visiting Sapporo, a girl who dressed up as a zombie for Halloween with me, and more). My magic show seemed to go over well, and  I was fairly happy with the performance myself too.


One girl came up to me after my show and said that it was the first time she saw me do magic and that I looked "500 times cooler" when doing magic. I said 500 times 0 is still 0, but she said "ah, you are not a 0, you are more like 0.2"... An idea for a New Year resolution is perhaps to try to crawl my way up to a 1 on a a scale from 1 to 10...

Roasted chicken, stuffed with rice.

Fried potatoes, hashed potatoes, and chicken salad sandwiches.

DJ Santa had a present bag. When I asked what was inside, he gave me a piece of candy from the bag.

The rice inside the chicken was very good.

There was a small Christmas tree in front of the DJ booth.

The Christmas tree kind of worked as a disco light too, and would shine strongly and blink from time to time.

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