Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tenyo Special Magic 2014 ・ 透視力検査、テンヨープラスワンキャンペーン2014年

This is the Tenyo Special Magic trick for 2014. If you buy three Tenyo products and send in the little stamps they come with, Tenyo sends you a free trick in their "plus one campaign", and this year the trick is an x-ray vision test kind of effect.


First you have the spectator shuffle the cards and you can sort them into black and red cards using your x-ray vision (looking only at the backs).


Next, the spectator can cut the (already more or less shuffled) cards and then deal the top three cards. Using your x-ray vision and a vision test helping patch (to cover one of your eyes), you can determine exactly which cards these are.


You can do it with more than three cards if you want to, and if you are a little bit clever you can do it with only two cards too. You can have spectators look at the backs of the cards for quite some time and they will (most likely) not notice anything. Taking a picture of the backs of the cards with a camera will usually make them look really suspicious, though, so making this movie took some effort.


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