Friday, December 16, 2011

A girl from Hong Kong ・ 香港からの女の子

Yesterday it was Thursday, so not a day that I would normally be doing magic in our magic bar. It so happened that one of the other magicians were away doing magic in a restaurant and I helped out while he was away. With excellent timing, the bondswoman for my apartment called me and asked if I was working. I said that I did indeed happen to be working. So she came to our magic bar together with a friend from Hong Kong. They went to college together in the U.S.


So I ended up doing magic in English for them. I rarely do magic in English so it is a bit awkward. My English is much better than my Japanese, but since I always speak Japanese during magic, I do not know what to say when speaking English or even Swedish...


Later, two other friends showed up (separately) and I had a great time. One of them took a strange picture of me.


Another fun part was when another magician picked up a deck of cards and claimed that he could just by touch take a stack of cards with exactly the number of cards anyone else specified, as long as the number was around 10 cards or so. And indeed he can. I said I can do that with any number of cards, perfect every time. And I did do it about 7 or 8 times. My magician colleague kept saying "kitanai!" the whole time though, haha. That is Japanese for "dirty", here in the sense that your personality is dirty. He thought I was cheating.


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