Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa doing magic ・ サンタがマジックをやっている

In Japan, people do not really celebrate Christmas. It is however a day when traditionally couples go to some fancy restaurant, or at least you have to go on a date. I was in our magic bar the whole evening (actually every day from December 22 to 25; 23rd is a holiday (the emperor's birthday) and 25th we were open despite it being a Sunday just because quite a few couples wanted to come) but I do not have anyone to date anyway, so that was OK.


The other two magicians both did their magic dressed as Santas. No pockets meant it was difficult to bring your stuff with you to the tables etc., and the suits were very hot.

We also had another couple where the guy proposed to his girlfriend in our magic bar. This time too, the girl said yes. A very cute couple.



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