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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Benson Burner at the Christmas show ・ クリスマスショーのパフォーマンス


I finally got a copy of my performance at Hokudai university magic club's Christmas show 2011. I did a routine from Tom Stone's book "Vortex", though I did not do it very well... The beginning looks OK I think, but towards the end I messed up, haha. Well, it is embarrassing to see yourself make mistakes, but I guess it is also a learning experience. The photos look good, though.

やっと北大奇術研究会のクリスマスショーの動画や写真が手に入った!Tom Stoneの「Vortex」という本からのマジックをやったがうまく出来なかった。最初の方が割と大丈夫だと思うが最後の方に失敗…自分の失敗を動画で見るのが恥ずかしいよね、笑。まぁ、勉強になるかなぁ?写真で見たら、いい感じだけど。

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