Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Magic Mania Gathering in Trick Bar Twister ・ トリックバーツイスターでマジックのマニアック会

Yesterday evening I went to the magic bar "Trick Bar Twister" here in Sapporo to talk to a friend who works there. I also ran into another friend who often goes there.


We now have the Sapporo Snow Festival and the Susukino Ice Festival here in Sapporo, bringing huge amounts of tourists (Wikipedia says it is about 2 million tourists that come here for these events). We thought maybe this would mean that the magic bar would be busy, but no. In fact, there were only two other guests the whole night.


This was a good chance for us to have a "magic maniac" face-off. We recorded movies of different magic moves that the other people wanted to see. And I uploaded 11 of those movies to YouTube. So here is a short description of each of them:


The Ussel Pass ・ ウッセルパス

First out, we have the "Ussel Pass". It is similar to the muscle pass with coins, though a slightly different part of the hand is used. My friend says he wanted to learn the muscle pass but did not know how it was done, so he just guessed and ended up learning something slightly different...


Here it is in slow motion:
Here it is in a routine:
And here it is again:

Shogo's Card Control etc. ・ショウゴのトランプの神業

One friend is a huge fan of Akira Fujii. He is also fond of learning difficult moves, so he can do quite a lot of what Fujii-san does. His moves also look quite similar to Fujii-san's moves. Here are some of the things (Akira Fujii based and others) we recorded.


A top control from Akira Fujii's Sidewinder DVD:

Another variation of the Sidewinder:

The Rub-a-dub Vanish, Fujii-san style:

A strike second deal:

The Diagonal Palm Shift ・ ダイアゴナル・パーム・シフト

My friend is very good at the Diagonal Palm Shift (Fujii-san style). I am not (I have never practiced it). My friend did it very well for the camera. I then did a parody version of it, and did not even do the parody very well...


The Diagonal Palm Shift:

Not the Diagonal Palm Shift:

Two of my card moves ・ 僕のカードマジック

My friends thought that I should do something for the camera too, so I ended up doing two card moves with someone else's deck (I am not used to Bicycle cards, but can do most of my moves with any deck I guess).


Here is a top control that I like (from a Brian Tudor DVD):
僕の好きなトップコントロール(Brian TudorのDVDで見た):

And here is a color change that I used to use for the Ambitious card:

That is all for now, but we will likely have more evenings like this. Also, looking at these clips, I need to lose weight...

今回、これで終了だが多分また似たようなのをやる。動画観て「痩せないとやばいね」 って気付いた…

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