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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magic Mania Gathering Again, in Trick Bar Twister ・ 又トリックバーツイスターでマジックのマニアック会

Today was Valentine's Day which is a big thing in Japan, but since none of has had anything better to do, we once again ended up having a magic mania gathering in the magic bar "Trick Bar Twister" in Sapporo. There is a report from the first magic maniac gathering available too.

My business card is readable in the middle, the chocolate boxes are readable in the mirrors.
Today we were joined by a regular in the magic bar who also does a little magic himself. Again, we recorded some movie clips for the world to see.


Shogo's Ambitious Card

Shogo wanted to show some difficult card moves so he put some together and did an ambitious card routine.


My Parody Ambitious Card

My friend did a difficult ambitious card routine, so I did a parody ambitious card routine.


U~san's One Coin U~tine

My friend U~san was asked to show his one coin routine (u~tine).


Newcomer's Reset

Our newcomer was hesitant, but we managed to convince him to do something for the camera. He did `aul Harris's "Reset" card trick.

初めて参加した常連さんが最初恥ずかしがっていたが強制されて、Paul Harrisの「リセット」をカメラの前で見せてくれた。

Me Catching a Kiss

I also did a Paul Harris trick, catching a kiss thrown towards me on the white part of a playing card.

僕もPaul Harrisのネタをやってみた。投げキスをカードの白い部分で捕まえる。

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