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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Magic Maniac Competition ・ マジックマニアの勝負

Yesterday we once again had one of our pretty much weekly "magic maniac" meetings. The regular members consisting of me (computer science researcher), U (barber), and O (udon chef) were of course there. Since we were in the magic bar I go to during the weekends, two of the magicians there were also available, though one left early. There was also a farmer who I have met once or twice before who does mental magic.


At around 1 a.m. all regular customers had left, except one young girl. She has been in our magic bar several times before, and I guess she likes magic quite a lot. We were having the maniac meeting, but since she was all alone we invited her to our table. Normally, we do some kind of game were you have 10 seconds to make a coin disappear, and then the others guess were it is. The person who fools the least number of people has do perform some high level magic trick for the others.


This time, we decided to instead do competition rounds were everyone did one magic trick for the girl (and the other magicians), and she then decided which performance she liked the best. I had brought some new things aimed at maniacs, and had left all my "works really well on young women" stuff at home... And I had already done most of my normal repertoire for her the two times she had seen me perform in the magic bar before.


The competitors were me, my young magic bar colleague (our boss had to leave before the competition got going, though he was part of the normal maniac stuff we did first), U, O, and the farmer.


The first round had lots of different types of magic. This was true for all the first three rounds. For example, the farmer did various mind reading/prediction effects; U did his one coin routine, a ring and rope routine ending with a huge (fake) diamond appearing on the ring on the spectators finger, a card trick were all cards were white but then turned into normal cards except one card from which a hamburger appeared; my colleague did a card effect with a strange lens, a "do as I do" thing with a sea lion, a "cut off finger in a box" thing, etc.; I did a card effect were all cards except the chosen one turned into the 9 of hearts, switched out a 0 yen fake bill for a 1000 yen bill that the girl had brought herself that she held in her hand, and something else; O did a card trick were lots of udon appeared, made Frisk breathmints turn big in several ways, and much more.


The first round was won by a mental effect by the farmer. The second round I won, with my new 0 yen/1000 yen changing places in the spectator's hand trick. The third round was won by O with his udon produced from a deck of card trick.


For the fourth round, people were running out of new material. O suggested the girl could make a request, and then everyone had to do that trick in their own way. She said she wanted to see something disappear. This was a very fun challenge. The mentalist went first and had her write something down that she dislikes. He then divined what she disliked without looking, and told her that he had psychically made those bad things disappear. My colleague and O both made a whole deck of cards disappear. U made some coins disappear. I first made a rubber band disappear, but that did not go over well, so I took out a handkerchief and made a lighter, a box of cigarettes, and a 2 liter bottle of tea disappear. The tea won some appreciation by it being really big, but the other magicians disputed that that should mean I won, haha. I claimed victory by way of having the sense to pick the best trick to impress with, even if the actual disappearing may or may not have happened elsewhere.


The girl was probably very happy with having several hours of private magic show. I left at around 6:20 a.m. (I have to work during the days) but some people were still left then (more customers showed up around 4 a.m. too).


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