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Sunday, April 8, 2012

The night when the sushi I produced from my T-shirt became real! ・ ティシャツから出てきた寿司が本物になった!

My fake salmon sushi, on top of some other magic props, looking more real than usual.
Yesterday I was wearing my "salmon eating salmon sushi" T-shirt and whenever a customer in our magic bar asked me about the shirt, I would produce one or two pieces of sushi from the shirt. These are not real sushi, though. Later, at around 1 A.M. when all customers had left to catch the last subway and the next wave of customers that turn up at around 3 or 4 A.M. (when many other places close) showed up, we were sitting down watching clips on YouTube etc. My boss told me: "Jonas, could you hand me those sushi you use."


I reached over to my bag, on top of which I have some cards, a matchbox that used to be a lighter, some other magic props that I used during the night, and my fake sushi. When I touched the sushi, I noticed that something was off; it felt cold... I was very surprised and pulled back my arm quickly, much to the delight of everyone else... My boss was laughing like crazy. Upon closer inspection, my fake sushi seemed to have turned into real sushi! It was placed exactly where I had left my sushi, and was the same type, size, etc. Except, it was real. I was very surprised.


Apparently, while I was seeing some customers off at the elevator, my boss had pocketed my fake sushi and replaced them with real sushi. During the early hours before the big rush of customers showed up, he had gone to the convenience store to by more cigarettes or whatnot, and there he had seen salmons sushi. He then thought: "This is it! What a great chance!", and bought a 10 piece sushi set just to trick me 5 hours later. It is great to have colleagues like that, haha. Though I did have to wipe off some of my other props that had become sticky from the rice of the real sushi placed on top of them, haha.


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