Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Ideas ・ 新しいアイデア

Yesterday I went to talk to one of my friends who is not a magician. His father was a magician, though, so he knows quite a lot about magic, and we often have fruitful discussions on new ideas for magic tricks, or interesting presentation ideas/stories for tricks I come up with.

Yesterday I showed him a trick I made myself. It has four cards that says "Win" in Japanese, and one that says "Lose". You can present it as a gambling trick, where you give the spectator 1000 yen for selecting any "Win" card, and have them pay you 50 yen if by some chance they happen to take the "Lose" card. You can shuffle the cards very cleanly, and then tell them that you will take cards from the top to the bottom, and whenever they want they say stop, and they get whatever card is on top. Really clean, very fair (or at least looks that way :-). Every time, they stop on the "Lose" card, even though the odds are greatly in favor of winning.

My friend, who knows much about magic and thus is rarely completely fooled (he usually has some idea of how you could do most tricks) thought it was very very strange and seemed to have no idea what was going on. We then discussed better presentation ideas than "Win" and "Lose". I will try to make a set of photos of popular actors (Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, etc.) and myself. Using this as "what is your ideal type of man", people will end up with me, every time. I also think "Slap me" vs. "Kiss me" cards could be fun.

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