Monday, January 23, 2012

Curry and magic ・ カレーとマジック

Two magicians wading into the sea of customers to do magic.
Last Thursday I went over to our magic bar to visit my colleagues. It turned out that the whole place was reserved for a special event, but I figured I count as staff and went in anyway.


Our very loyal customer (on the left), our owner, and the boss of my magic bar trying to block the whole picture when he saw me holding a camera...
Sapporo is famous for the dish "soup curry", a spicy soup, invented here. People from the more famous soup curry restaurants in town apparently have a get together once per month, and this month they were in our magic bar. One of them is one of our most frequent customers.


Once my boss got out of the way, another colleague also happened to enter the frame "by chance".
It was quite busy, with them drinking very large quantities of alcohol compared to our usual customers. It was quite a lot of fun, though, and I ended up doing a little bit of magic too, even though it was my off day.


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