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Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday Magic ・ 日曜日にもマジック

A fairly full counter, even on a Sunday.
Yesterday I went out to the coutry side and when I was coming back through pouring rain I passed by one of our magic bars (the one I usually do not do magic in). It is normally closed on Sundays, but I had overheard our owner mention that he would be there on Sunday and keep it open at least during the early hours. So I decided to drop in to get a short break from the cold and rain.


An empty counter, what I expected on a Sunday.
I was expecting the place to be more or less empty, but in fact it was almost full when I got there. And our boss had just gotten off the phone with someone saying that a group of three and another group of four people were also coming soon... That would have been very difficult for him to handle alone, so he was happy to see me. And I ended up behind the counter doing magic until after midnight instead of resting in a comfortable chair and going home early to sleep.


It was however quite a lot of fun. People though it was funny that I could put a pen in my ear and keep it there no matter how much it looked like it would fall out.


Our part time bartender Aya was also there with her friends during the early hours. She had to leave and could not help out, but since she works in a cake shop during the days she had brought cake! Very nice cake.


My boss told me that "by the way", the place will be open next Sunday too. Hint hint.


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