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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick update

Since I had the flu for a week or so, I have not had time or energy to do much interesting stuff, but I have had plenty of time to watch old TV series. I noticed that BBC has started the second season of "The Magicians". My favorites Barry & Stuart are still on the show, but the other magicians have been replaced. The boring concept of the "forfeit" for the losing team is still in the show (and has at least been made slightly more exciting), and they also added phone voting by viewers (which leads to endless "and these are the numbers to call" announcements boring you during the show). On the plus side, all teams now do 4 tricks instead of 3, and during the tallying of the votes there is a guest performance by some unrelated magician. All the celebrities so far have been very funny, and the show is definitely recommended.

最近インフルエンザにやられてて、特に何もしていない。映画やドラマを観る機会だったけど。イギリスのテレビ局のBBCで、"The Magicians"のシーズン2が始まった。僕の好きなBarry&Stuartというマジシャン組がまだ参加している。他のマジシャンが変わった。つまらない罰ゲームがまだショーにあるし、電話で一般人が負けるチームを選ぶことになって、電話に関しての面倒なところがいっぱいあるし、ちょっと悪いほうに変わったことがある。でも、皆が今4回マジックすることになったし(前に3回だった)、毎週ゲストマジシャン1人が自由にパフォーマンスするし、いい変更もある。見たほうがいい。

Another thing I watched lately is this very funny clip from another magic TV show:

It is from the hidden camera show "T.H.E.M." and shows a quick change artist. She asks shoppers in a clothing store for advice on what clothes look good on her, and changes her whole outfit in a few seconds every time. "Was that really fast?!" etc. "How can you do that so fast?!" "I guess I just shop a lot". I like hidden camera when as here the premise is really funny and everyone is still having fun.


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