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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year Party Magic ・ 新年会マジック

On Friday I went to a "start of the new year"-party (Shinnenkai) with my boss, and we did table hopping there for an hour. The party was held at the Art Hotel in Sapporo, which has a very fancy party hall. We had our own room for changing etc. that also looked very impressive.


The magic went fine, and we had 6 tables to perform for, both of us doing magic at each table, but not at the same time. Some people also started coming over to the next table to see more magic which made it more difficult for me, since I had not brought that much stuff along in my pockets since I expected every person to see only about 5 minutes of magic. I had enough so that I did not have to do the same magic at two neighboring tables, but not so much more than that.


We had lots of fun, and got some sandwiches from the hotel too.


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