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Friday, January 6, 2012

Surprise magic ・ マジックにビックリ

Today we had the "start of a new year"-party for the university staff. 90 minutes of eating and drinking copious amounts. I was talking to an old friend there, and he mentioned to some other professor that I was a magician. It turned out that this other person has recently started practicing magic, and he wanted me to show him something.

I said I did not have anything with me to do magic with, but he ran off to get his bag and produced a (Bicycle) deck of cards! I did a short trick, and he did some tricks himself. Later he asked me to do other tricks over and over, so I ended up doing quite a few during the course of the evening. I also ended up running out of business cards by handing out cards to everyone who expressed an interest in coming to our magic bar... I was quite surprised at finding a magician (in training) at the faculty dinner.



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