Friday, May 10, 2013

Osaka stopover, French Drop and A Maji De

On my to Sweden to visit my relatives, I had a one night stay in Osaka. I arrived in the evening and took the time to visit the magic bars French Drop and A Majide.


Me and the French Drop magicians

The guys at French Drop remembered me, even thought I have only been there once before and that was about two years ago. There were three magicians there, Loki, Takemiya, and David Chinsuko. They were very funny to talk to, and they did a lot of magic for me. The funniest was David Chinsuko snorting the chocolate off Pocky-sticks when he had them stuck up his nostrils.


The A Majide counter and show table

I also visited the magic bar A Majide, which was very close to my hotel. I have been there several times recently, so they of course remembered me. Last time the master of the place kept talking about how good the sweets from Sapporo are, and how much he would like to eat such Sapporo sweets etc. I got the hint and brought a small pack of the most popular Sapporo gift sweets. As usual when I arrive, they were quite busy and a stage show was about to start. After the show was over, they were not busy at all, so we sat and talked about all kinds of things for a while.


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