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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tenyo 2013 Plus One Campaign: Sushi Mentalism ・ テンヨー2013年プラスワンキャンペーン「不思議な回り寿司」

Since I buy lots of magic props from Tenyo (sponge Pikachu etc.) I get lots of the little marks from their "plus one campaign" and I mailed in three marks last month too. This year the plus one campaign free magic prop is a set of sushi cards. With these sushi cards you can do three different magic tricks. All are mentalism type effects, where you predict something or you determine what type of sushi the spectator picked.


Yesterday I shot a movie of two of the tricks you can do. When we shot this movie, my cameraman also had to be the spectator, so he had to shuffle plates of sushi while holding the camera. This is why the shuffling is a bit slow, and the camera work a bit shaky.


The sushi cards represent conveyor belt sushi, with plates of different sushi. In the first trick the magician is looking away and the spectator simulates the conveyor belt by taking one plate at a time to the bottom. When a sushi he likes appears, he takes that off the conveyor belt. Putting both the selected sushi and the rest of the plates upside down, the magician can determine which sushi was chosen.


In the next trick, the spectator selects a place to start with all plates being upside down. After creating two piles of plates, the spectator can shuffle both piles freely. The magician then asks which sushi type the spectator prefers of the two types that ended up at the bottoms of the packs. After reordering the packs again, the spectator selects one more sushi that goes well with the first one he selected. After that the spectator can shuffle the plates again, and the magician then determines which two sushi plates were selected.


There is one more trick described in the sushi magic set, which is a mathematical trick. You place sushi plates in a ring, make a prediction, and the spectator then names any number from 1 to 9, and your predicted sushi turns out to be correct.


The cards are pretty nice, and the magic tricks are very easy to do. I have only tried them a few times, but the reactions have been fairly positive so far. No one seems to understand the workings of the tricks, and using sushi makes things more interesting that doing the same trick with regular cards.


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