Sunday, May 12, 2013

Street magic in Stockholm

I was walking around in Stockholm looking for a new pair of shoes and passed a table that said "Magic Show". Just around the corner from a big cinema complex, a young guy was doing magic for tips. I asked him to show me something and he was happy to do so. While he was showing me some magic tricks, more people stopped to see what was going on, and after a while he had quite a crowd.


The magician who was called Robert Ace first talked about Houdini having a challenge where he believed no one could fool him if Houdini was allowed to watch the same trick three times but the now very famous magician Dai Vernon fooled him with a trick that is called the ambitious card (a card is put into the middle of the deck and comes to the top by magic). Then he showed me his own version of the ambitious card, and the card came to the top, flew to the  magician's mouth, and finally came out of a sealed compartment of his wallet.


He seemed a bit nervous, and sometimes his triple lift or palm would flash a bit, but he was very nice. He then did some coin tricks with a Swedish 5 kr coin, which ended with a jumbo 5 kr. Then he did an egg bag routine where a spectator made an egg appear in a bag that the same spectator had checked and determined to be empty. Finally he had three different spectators each pick a card, and then they held on to their own cards trapped between the palms of both hands. The magician the took away the cards from two spectators by magic and gave them to the last spectator. When the spectators opened their hands, two now had blank cards and one spectator had three cards instead of one, which they were all very surprised by.


After he finished, he gave me his business card and we talked for a minute or two. When I said I live in Japan he said a few phrases in Japanese to me too. It turns out he is going to go to Noda in Japan to train some form of Japanese martial art (that he has been training in Sweden too) and had learned some Japanese for the trip. If I remember correctly, that would be the same Japanese martial art that I once got a black belt in a long time ago. So that was a funny chance meeting with many strange coincidences.


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