Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bitten by a customer. And by another customer!

One night in our magic bar, a drunk woman in her mid thirties said she liked to bite people when drunk. She asked the customer sitting next to her (who she had never met before) if she could bite him. He said yes, so she did. In the end, I ended up getting bitten too. I figured maybe this was fairly normal in Japan. Later, my Japanese friends have told me that it is not, it is weird.


Another night, I was talking to another customer about this biting incident, going for a "Look what weird things happen to me"-story. The customer shone up and said: "I can bite you too!"

I tried to inject a: "That is not really what I meant", but she continued on with: "If I bite you, it will hurt a lot!" I am not sure if that is actually a positive point, but it sounded like she meant it in a very positive way... After some discussions, I ended up getting bitten again. And just like she had said, it hurt. A lot. I had a bruise for many days afterwards... Strange country.



  1. 日本では、京都大学が開発したヴァンパイアウイルスがなんらかのミスで拡散してしまい、そのウイルスの感染者は人に咬みつくことがある。気をつけたほうがいい。

    1. だいたい「噛まないで下さい」と言って、大丈夫だ。噛まれる時にも、「血が出ないように気を付けて下さい」みたいな感じで、今までセーフだった。 :-)